Don’t Let Your Dreams Just Be Dreams

My friend Ben introduced me to a movie trailer the other day. I watched it and knew I would love it right away. The movie is titled the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The main character is a man by the same name. It is based on a short story by the same name as well by James Thurber. Walter is a picked on loner who just can’t seem to stand up for himself and do the things he wants to do in life. Instead, sadly, he falls back into a dream world. There he lives out doing the very things he could not do or is not quite brave enough to do in the real world (though the movie may take this in another direction).

As writers, a lot of us dream all day. We think of great stories and possibly live some of them out in our minds for a bit. Sort of like trying on a shirt to see if it would fit right. However, I think many times we fall into this state too often and spend time dreaming instead of living out these passions in our real life.

This post is short but I’d just like to say that along the road of writing day dreams of publication and contracts can be distracting. Don’t get distracted today. Writing is hard work. Make sure you come back to reality and carve out a few hours to actually do it. The same can be said for anything in life that can fall under the category of “I would do ___ but I just…”.

Don’t watch a TV series on something.

Don’t live vicariously.

Just live.



7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Dreams Just Be Dreams

  1. I saw the trailer a little while ago and I will see it when it gets here. I like Ben Stiller movies generally, but with this one I specifically identified with the storyline. I’ve been guilty of that. Extremely guilty of that, of dreaming too much and doing too little. Writing allows you to recycle those fantasies and make it tangible. You still get to dream, but at least you have something to show for it and you get to share it with other people in a stylistic way. Thanks for the uplifting post, Bob.

    1. Sure Dietrich, my pleasure. Usually the things I struggle with tumble out onto my blog or journal. It’s hard to balance your dream with a family and other things in life. That’s that hardest thing about this sort of passion. Writing takes time. You and I both know how hard finding time can be! Good luck in the week ahead and getting that book cover done.

      1. Especially now with the third one. Time for me at the moment is like gold flecks that you have to mine and every bit is precious. The cover is finished, just my plot description that is taking so long… So, so long.

      2. Indeed. Or if the second one likes to rise extra early. I find that I have to stay up late to write. I keep trying to get up early but my second child likes to get up early too.
        That plot description sounds tough. Sort of what agents call the elevator pitch, but for the dust jacket, right? Keep going. I’m excited to read it. When is the launch date?

      3. My boy(2) gets in bed with us at about 5 in the mornings and of course the baby is with us during the night, anyway, so I can forget about doing any work in the mornings. I’ve tried of course, but my son follows me like a puppy if I get up. I’ve now discovered that I can steal about 4 hours at night, usually from 10pm to 2am, but how long I can sustain such a routine is another question, but I’m doing it until I cant do it anymore. No sense in not trying at least. The time at nights are awesome, because it’s quiet with less interruptions. As for launch date, Ive broken so many deadlines this year, I’m almost hesitant to say, but I’m looking at a mid-November release. If I can do it earlier, I’d be so happy. Thanks for the interest.

  2. Great word of encouragement, Bob. I’ve been blogging for a few months in connection with my new life as a self-employed consultant. Mine are more like articles, lacking the creative edge that a more typical blog tends to exhibit. Nonetheless, there is a sense of accomplishment with each hit of the ‘publish’ button.

    A few weeks ago, some suggested topics began to flow in from various colleagues, motivating me to post more, if only to satisfy the requestor’s curiosity. My wife encouraged my last entry and others have wondered if the submissions could be expanded into a book at some point. More motivation to write.

    Every so often, we all benefit from a boost here and there to unlock the ideas that are wanting to storm the cranial gates. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jeff. The quick sense of accomplishment is very true. It helps between rejections and working on novels and short stories. Translating a blog into a book is an interesting idea. I’ve thought about writing a book to encourage writers once I get my publishing career off the ground. Still working on that.

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