Don’t Let Your Dreams Just Be Dreams

My friend Ben introduced me to a movie trailer the other day. I watched it and knew I would love it right away. The movie is titled the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The main character is a man by the same name. It is based on a short story by the same name as well by James Thurber. Walter is a picked on loner who just can’t seem to stand up for himself and do the things he wants to do in life. Instead, sadly, he falls back into a dream world. There he lives out doing the very things he could not do or is not quite brave enough to do in the real world (though the movie may take this in another direction).

As writers, a lot of us dream all day. We think of great stories and possibly live some of them out in our minds for a bit. Sort of like trying on a shirt to see if it would fit right. However, I think many times we fall into this state too often and spend time dreaming instead of living out these passions in our real life.

This post is short but I’d just like to say that along the road of writing day dreams of publication and contracts can be distracting. Don’t get distracted today. Writing is hard work. Make sure you come back to reality and carve out a few hours to actually do it. The same can be said for anything in life that can fall under the category of “I would do ___ but I just…”.

Don’t watch a TV series on something.

Don’t live vicariously.

Just live.