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There are many ways for writers to connect and encourage each other. One of the primary sources of doing so in our very mobile world is to create dialogue in your own blog and reading and commenting on other writers/agents blogs/websites.

Here are five blogs I have recently found helpful. Check them out!

Robert Lee Brewer

Sarah Toole Miller

Jane Friedman

Rachelle Gardner


Keep Writing my friends.



Writing A Novel – Part Time

Have you ever thought, “I can do it! I can write a book!”, then immediately have those other thoughts creep in, those not so nice thoughts that seem to come from a place that some call “logic” or “reality”?

Soon reinforcements come marching to the aid of those other thoughts and they sound something like,”I honestly don’t have time,” followed by, “I’m not really that good,” along with, “I’m not in the mood,” then the deathblow of, “it’s too hard”.

Sound familiar?

Me too. All of the time. In fact, they still surface every now and again and I have finished writing the third draft of my novel.

Several people who have had the first thought of: “I can write, I can do this”, have come to me and asked how to do it. This post is in response to those queries as well as those other thoughts that never seem to die, but always seem to speak with a deep resonating authority.

I would like to begin with two things. First, the book took six years to get this far. Second, I had a lot of help and encouragement along the way. This post is by no means a way of me boasting, but rather a novice writer providing ideas that may help you find that groove.

1.The desire to write. Many people laugh at this. But it must be stated. There is an enormous difference between thinking about big book contracts or the piles of money (that rarely ever come) and traveling to cafes and villas in the far flung corners of the world and the simple practice of writing.

Notice I said a desire to write, not a desire to get a lot of money, for that is not what writing is about.

You need to start with the bottom line: a love for words, language, or your main character. Money will never carry you through to the finished product and there are far more easy things you can do to turn a quick buck.

2.Carving out time to write. I played hockey for about 15 years. I played in many leagues and absolutely loved it

Don't go write tonight dad!

(I rarely miss a televised Detroit Red Wings game!). I often had 11:15pm ice times on weeknights, but I loved it and I would have stayed up through the night to play.

I realized, as my first daughter was born, that I could not continue hockey. I needed to focus. It’s been about three years since I’ve laced up skates. It still hurts some days.

3. Make a consistent writing schedule and stick to it. When my second daughter was born I discussed with my wife that I needed one night a week to focus solely on writing. It was a hard adjustment for us both, particularly for my wife Cindy. There were times when I wanted to go, and times I wanted to stay home and just rest or be with her and my daughters June and Clara. I went anyway no matter the time or how stressful my day at work was.

4.Find a writers group. This is detrimental. I could not be where I am without my fellow Weaklings. Accountability and being with people who are eager to read or ask you about your writing is key. Also, you may be scared with the thought of sharing your work with others but there is no better way to improve your craft.

5.Write. Silly, right? Those questions are starting again. I can hear them.

How? What about? Where? With what? There are no simple answers to these questions.

Famous writer after famous writer has said the only reason people are successful at this craft is because they write and they write often. Not that they went to this school or had this education or wrote in this particular style. Those things come. Just elbow those other thoughts out of your mind, clear your schedule for an hour or two and begin.



The Best and Worst of Times – Remembering Charles Dickens

It is fashionable to deconstruct the heroes from our past. It seems that whether they are artisans, musicians, athletes, philosophers, or anyone of remote importance to a body of individuals, once they die, they swiftly become demonized, pompous, or obsessive individuals. This is true if they have just thudded both exhausted feet in the casket or have been dead for quite some time.

The most recent of these scandalized persons is Charles Dickens who turned a very noble 200 on February 8th. Those celebrating his life,death, birth, and works were forced to wade through article after article of critique or gossip turning the beloved author into a mere curmudgeon. Nearly everything I have read about him, recently anyway, proclaims that the “true” Dickens is located in its menagerie of disrespectful words.

While I was at a funeral a few years back I remember the director proclaiming the dead person’s faults to the room of mourning family members and friends. Though this could be deemed proper for those who suffered from the consequences of these faults and they perhaps found some sort of solace in hearing them recanted, I considered it bad form. Part of this was sensitivity to the closeness of the dead person. Part of it is me thinking how I would like it, after struggling through the joys and burdens of life, if someone focused primarily on my obvious faults to the wide world.

Now, our good friend Charles had his own set of troubles. Based on my own readings from the recent issue of the Smithsonian and collection of Dickens’ letters, he struggled through some very dark sins. However, I would like to share with you five reasons that Dickens very well may be the best and most popular author that has ever graced in the English speaking world, and why you should read him to discover why.

1. He is the grandfather of J.K.Rowling. What does Harry Potter and an old dusty Victorian novelist have in common? Their style. The way they construct scenes or the names chosen for characters: Ebenezer Scrooge, Pip, Oliver Twist, Martin Chuzzlewit – is unparalleled. The proof? His books have never gone out of circulation after 150+ years and continue to fly off the shelves.

2. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”. These words set off a beacon of familiarity. But where did they come from? Who coined them? Yes, you guessed it, Mr. Dickens in the opening of A Tale of Two Cities.

3. Countless movies and plays have been adapted from his books or characters.

4. The words. Yes, I know all books have words but take the beginning from A Tale of Two Cities for example:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

5. Many of his works were serialized (written piece by piece in monthly installments) thus his ability to leave the reader hanging on a ledge is uncanny. Often, a sense of hunger in the reader grows until the climatic end.

There are many more reasons to read him. If you have never delved into the classics, Dickens would be a very good place to start.

What's that Tim? Christmas off? Bah Humbug!



Random Facts From My Third Draft

For those interested, here are some factoids about my third draft.

Disclaimer: yes, this is the type of post that you can come to expect from someone who has turned their mind to mush from such an intensive process. Enjoy.

Pages 403 – double spaced

Roughly 325 words per page

115,889 total words

Words used just one time – 3,341

Also, after running word frequency counter (see here), here are those words z-a. And, sure I made of few of them up but what writer doesn’t.
Keep writing my friends.

 zipped  zip  zigzagging  yunthain  yunitha  youths  youthful  yield  yerself  yelp  yells  yellows  yellowish  yellowed  ye  yawning  yanked  wrung  writes  wringing  wriggled  wretchedly  wrappers  wraiths  worth  workouts  worker  woodlands  wooded  wonders  wolfed  wolf  wobbled  wits  withering  wither  withdrew  withdrawn  withdrawal  wiser  wisdom  winnowing  wings  wineskin  windowsill  wincing  wince  wilting  wilt  willowy  willow  wildest  wiggle  widows  wider  widening  whooshed  whoa  whistle  whispy  whispers  whispering  whirlwind  whirling  whipping  whiplash  whip  whimpered  wherever  wheezily  wheels  whatsoever  wet  westward  wells  welled  weekly  weeds  weeded  wee  wealth  weakness  wayward  wavy  watery  waterway  watered  watchman  watchdog  wasted  washes  wars  warrior  warped  warmth  warmly  wardrobes  warbling  wantin  wanderings  walled  waking  wails  waft  wade  waddled  wadded  vying  vumbria  vultures  vulpina  vows  vowed  voror  volunteer  volume  volatile  voiced  vocalize  vital  visits  visible  violently  violent  violations  violation  vineyard  vindicated  views  victor  victims  vicious  vibrated  veterans  verbatim  verbally  verbal  venomously  vending  vender  veiled  vaulting  vault  vases  vase  variety  valve  valuable  valleys  validity  validation  vales  vagueness  vacate  useful  usage  urt  urged  urge  upsetting  upholds  uphold  upheld  updated  unyielding  unwrap  unwatched  unwashed  unused  untranslatable  untrained  untouched  untold  unto  untied  untidy  unthinkable  untended  untangle  unsurprisingly  unsupervised  unstable  unsolved  unselfish  unscheduled  unruly  unrolling  unrest  unresponsive  unquenchable  unprotected  unprotect  unprepared  unpopular  unpleasant  unorthodox  unnoticed  unnecessary  unnecessarily  unmoved  unmistakably  unmerciful  unmade  unlucky  unlocking  unlocked  unlashing  unjustly  uninvolved  uninvited  uninterrupted  uninteresting  unheard  unharmed  unguiltily  unforgiving  unfolded  unfocused  unfiltered  unfamiliarity  unexpectedly  uneventful  uneven  unengaged  unendingly  uneducated  uneaten  uneasiness  unease  undying  undrawn  undone  undetected  undesired  underwent  underwater  undermining  undergrowth  undergo  underfoot  underbrush  undending  undecipherable  uncovered  unconvincing  unconvinced  unconsciousness  unconsciously  unconscious  uncompleted  uncommonly  uncommon  unclipping  uncharted  uncertainty  unceremoniously  unblinkingly  unblinking  unbelievably  unbearable  unarranged  unarmored  unannounced  tying  twitched  twirl  twinge  twine  twelve  tussled  turrets  turcias  tune  tug  trusting  trunks  trouser  trolling  triumph  tripping  trinkets  trifled  trickled  trickle  treetops  treasure  treason  treachery  treacherously  treacherous  trays  traverse  traveler  trapdoor  transporting  transport  transmitter  transmitted  translates  transferred  transfer  transcribed  tranquil  traipsing  train  trailing  traditionally  toying  toy  towns  towering  towered  tough  touches  tortured  torrents  torrential  tormenting  torched  topped  tool  tongues  ton  tomes  tome  tombs  tomb  tolerable  token  toil  toasted  toast  tiresome  tirelessly  tiptoed  tipping  tinsmiths  tingle  timing  timidly  timid  timbers  timber  tilting  tilt  till  tile  tighter  tightening  ties  tie  tide  tickle  thunderstruck  thundering  thumping  thump  thumbs  thudded  throne  throbbed  throb  throaty  thrilling  threats  threateningly  thorned  thirteen  thinned  thigh  thicket  thickest  thickening  thhhanks  therein  thereby  theorems  theirs  thee  thatchers  thatch  thankful  thanked  texts  tests  territory  tenure  tenth  tens  tenderness  tended  tend  tenacious  tempted  temples  tempered  temperatures  temperament  temper  teetering  teenage  teas  tearing  teapot  teaming  teamed  teacups  teachings  teachers  taverns  tattle  tatter  tasty  tastings  tasted  tarts  tart  tarnished  tarnish  targeted  tardiness  tankard  tangent  tan  tame  talks  talent  takers  tailing  tag  tad  syntax  sync  symphony  symmetrical  syllable  swordsmen  swordsmanship  swoop  swollen  swiveled  switch  swishing  swipe  sweltering  swell  sway  swatting  swat  swarms  swampland  swaggered  swagger  suspicions  suspicion  suspected  survived  survey  surroundings  surreally  surmise  surging  surgeons  surged  surely  supremely  suppress  supposing  supposedly  supporting  supported  supplied  supper  superstitious  superiorily  sunset  sunrays  sunlit  sunfish  summoned  summit  summary  sullen  suited  suggests  suggesting  suggest  suffocating  suffices  suffering  suffered  suctioning  suck  succumbing  succumbed  successfully  success  succeed  subtle  subterranean  subjects  subaltern  styled  sturdy  stunting  stunned  stumble  stuffs  stuffing  studious  stuccoed  stubbornness  struggles  strolling  stroking  strokes  stroke  striking  strenuous  streaks  streaked  strayed  stray  strategized  strategies  stranger  strands  strand  straightforward  stragglers  stove  stout  stormy  storms  storming  stored  storecupboards  stops  stooping  stoop  stool  stolen  stiww  stirrups  stirrup  stint  stinks  sting  stimulating  stilled  stifled  sticking  stewing  stewed  stew  sternly  stern  stems  steered  steer  steeply  steed  steamed  stealthily  steadying  steadily  stature  stationed  static  statesmen  states  stately  stash  starve  starter  starlight  stares  starched  star  stamping  stampeding  stamped  stamina  stalk  stales  stale  staked  staircases  stains  staff  stabbing  stabbed  ssoldiers  squirrel  squinting  squeak  squashy  squashing  squashed  squabbles  spying  sputtering  spurted  spritely  spree  spreading  sprawled  sprained  spots  sport  spoonful  spooky  spook  splotches  splotched  splitting  splinters  splinter  splashes  spite  spires  spinning  spindly  spilled  spied  spewing  spend  spell  speechless  spectacularly  speckled  specimen  specific  speakers  speaker  sparring  sparkled  sparing  soy  sow  soured  sour  soup  soundless  sorrow  sores  sooty  soot  sonorous  somone  somebody  solving  solve  solitude  solidify  soles  solemn  solely  soldiership  soldierin  solders  sold  solace  softened  socuis  socks  sobbing  sob  soaking  soak  snugly  snuff  snubbed  snowy  snot  snorts  snoring  snoon  snobs  snobbish  sniveled  snippets  sniped  sniggering  snigger  sniffled  sniffed  sneezed  sneering  sneered  sneaking  sneaked  snarling  snappy  snaking  snakes  snake  snacked  snack  smut  smug  smoothly  smoothed  smithies  smirk  smearing  smattering  smatter  smash  smarty  smaller  smack  slurred  sludge  slouched  slots  slosh  slopped  slogging  sliver  slip  slinking  slink  slinging  slimy  slide  slicing  slender  sleeves  sleepless  sleepiness  slaughtered  slashed  slaps  slam  slacked  skylight  skulls  skull  skirted  skipping  skills  skill  skiff  skewered  sketch  sixty  situations  situated  sisters  sister  siphon  singular  sing  sine  sincerity  sincere  simultaneous  simpleton  simpler  sill  silhouette  silencing  silenced  significance  signaling  sifted  siding  sidelines  sickening  shutter  shush  shunned  shun  shuddered  shrugging  shrouded  shroud  shrieky  shrieks  shrieked  shoves  shoveler  shorter  shortcut  shores  shore  shopper  shoe  shocking  shiver  shirts  shiny  shins  shining  shined  shine  shimmery  shielding  shielded  shh  shelters  sheltered  sheet  sheepishly  sheds  shed  shaven  shaved  shave  shards  shallows  shallowly  shaky  shakily  shakes  shaken  shaft  shadowy  shades  sewer  sewed  seventeen  settles  sessions  servers  servant  serene  sequence  sentry  sentries  sentinels  sentinel  sentiments  sentiment  sentencing  sentences  sentenced  senior  semicircle  semi  sells  selling  sellers  selfish  self  segregated  seething  seeming  seek  seeds  secure  secretive  secrete  secondary  secluded  seated  seashore  seals  scythes  scurrying  scurried  scuffling  scrutiny  scrunched  scrumptious  scruffy  scrubbing  scrubbed  screen  scrawl  scratches  scraps  scrapped  scraped  scrape  scrap  scrambling  scraggily  scout  scorched  scoop  schedules  scheduled  scented  scenarios  scenario  scavenger  scary  scarves  scant  scampered  scaled  saving  saver  saved  savage  sauntered  saucers  saturated  sarcastically  sapphires  sapphire  sapped  sanity  sang  sandwich  sanction  salted  sallow  sale  salary  sails  sailed  safety  safest  safekeeping  sadly  saddles  saddest  sacrifices  sacks  rustling  rustles  rust  ruse  runnin  runes  rummaging  rummaged  rummage  ruminatings  rum  rulers  ruler  ruining  rudimentary  ruddy  rudder  rubius  routes  rotund  roped  rooted  rooster  roles  roguish  rogue  rodent  rocking  rocketed  rocked  robbed  roasted  roarous  roam  roadways  rivaled  rival  risk  rip  riot  rimmed  rigid  righting  ridiculous  ridiculed  ridge  riddles  ricocheting  rich  rib  rhythmically  rhyme  rhetorically  rewarded  reward  revulsion  revolved  revive  revered  revere  reverberating  reveling  reveal  reuniting  reunite  returns  retribution  retreating  retracing  retrace  retiring  retirement  retire  retellings  retelling  retaliatory  retaliated  resumed  restrictions  restriction  restored  restore  restful  responsibility  responses  respectable  resounded  resound  resorting  resonated  resonantly  resolving  resolved  resolute  resisted  residence  reserved  resembles  resemble  resemblance  rerouting  reread  requirement  reproachfully  reproachful  reprisals  repressed  representatives  repose  reports  reporter  replacements  repetitive  repelled  repeating  repeatedly  repeat  repay  repairing  repaired  reorganized  renowned  renew  renditions  rendition  rendezvous  remus  remotely  remote  remorse  remnants  remembrance  remedy  remarkable  remainders  relying  reluctant  relocated  relishing  relinquishes  relinquished  relinquish  relics  relentlessly  release  relayed  reissued  reimbursement  reigned  rehearsed  regularly  regular  regrouped  regret  register  regimented  regarded  regaining  refurbish  refreshments  refocus  reflected  reflect  referenced  reference  reduced  redraw  reddening  recruited  recruit  recounting  reconvene  recommended  recommend  recoiled  recognized  recognizable  recklessly  recite  reception  rebuild  rebellious  rebelling  reassuring  reassured  reassurance  reasoning  reasonable  rearing  realm  realizing  realize  readying  readings  ray  raw  ratty  rattle  rationed  ration  rarest  rarely  rapidity  rankings  rams  rambled  rallying  rains  raid  ragged  rag  racing  races  rabble  rabbits  quoted  quivered  quieting  quieter  quieted  queue  questioning  query  quench  queer  queasy  quarreled  quarrel  quant  quaking  quads  puzzlement  puss  pus  pursuit  pursuing  pursuer  pursued  pursed  purposefully  purchasing  punishments  punishable  punish  puncture  punches  pummeled  pummel  pulsation  pulsating  puff  puddles  puckering  puckered  publicly  ptolemus  pruning  prudent  prowls  proving  provide  proves  proudly  protested  protest  protector  protected  prostrate  prosecution  prosecuting  proposed  propose  proposals  proposal  promptly  prompted  promotes  promoted  promote  promising  prolific  projecting  projectiles  prohibiting  production  producing  producer  prodding  procure  proclaimed  processing  processed  proceeding  probable  prizes  prized  privately  prison  priority  primitive  prided  prickly  prickle  previously  pretentious  pretend  presumed  pressures  pressing  press  presiding  preserve  presenting  preposterous  prep  preformed  prefixes  preferred  predicted  pray  pranced  praising  praise  practicing  practically  poverty  pounce  pouch  potpourri  potential  posture  postponed  posted  possibility  possibilities  positively  positioned  posed  pose  portrayed  porthole  port  porches  population  popular  populace  pooling  pooled  ponies  political  politely  poles  pole  poke  pointy  points  pointlessness  poets  poetry  poet  pods  pock  plus  plural  plummets  plummeted  plug  pluck  plop  plenty  pleasant  pleadingly  plea  plausible  platus  platoon  planting  planks  plank  plains  plagues  placidly  pity  pitiless  pitifully  pitiful  pitcher  pitched  pint  pinned  pinnacle  pinkish  pinging  pinching  pinched  pinch  pilfering  pikemen  pies  pierced  physicians  philosophizing  phew  petrified  petite  petals  pet  peruse  pertained  perspective  persistent  persisted  persevered  perplexed  permitted  permeating  permanently  period  perilous  percussion  percentile  peppers  peppered  penmanship  pelted  peers  peer  peels  peculiar  pebbles  peaked  peak  peaches  peaceful  payment  pawing  pawed  paved  paused  patterned  pattering  patter  patrons  patronize  patrols  patrolled  patrol  patris  patria  patiently  pastures  pastries  pasted  passes  passages  passage  parts  partied  particulars  participants  partially  pardon  parcel  paranoid  paragraph  paradox  parading  parades  paraded  paperwork  pantry  panicked  pangs  panels  panel  pandemic  pan  palms  pales  paints  packs  pacified  owners  overzealous  overthrow  overtaken  overslept  overseeing  overlooked  overlook  overflowing  overflowed  overcrowded  overcame  overarching  oven  outnumbered  outlined  outcome  outburst  outback  ours  othella  orphanage  ornately  ornaments  organization  orbs  orb  oranges  oppose  opportunities  opponent  operations  opens  opener  opals  oozed  oods  onlt  onions  olive  ole  olde  offset  officially  offices  offense  oddities  octavius  occurred  occupation  obsessive  oblivious  obligated  objects  obey  oaths  oath  oaken  oaf  nuzzled  nutrients  numerous  numeric  numbly  numberless  numbering  numbered  nudged  nourishment  notion  nothin  nosiest  northward  normalcy  noodles  nonetheless  nonchalant  nonchalance  nominate  nods  nobility  nightmare  niece  nicety  nicest  newer  newcomer  netherworld  nervious  nequamans  neillos  neighed  neigh  negotiation  negotiating  negotiated  negotiate  negatives  negatively  negative  needn  necessities  ne  navigating  natural  nasty  nastiness  nastily  narrowly  narrower  nape  naked  n  myths  mythologies  mythological  mustering  mustache  mused  muscle  murmurs  murderous  murdered  mundane  mumblings  mumbling  mumble  multitudes  multitude  mulled  mugs  muffle  muddled  movin  movements  mouthed  mousy  mourning  mourn  mounds  mound  motivation  motioning  moss  mosaic  mortal  morale  moping  moons  moonbeams  moody  monuments  monstrous  monotonously  monotonous  monotone  momentum  mold  modifier  modest  mobilizing  moaning  mixed  mistrust  mistreated  misspeak  misplaced  misleading  mislead  misheard  misery  misconception  minuscule  minus  mini  mingled  mimicked  million  milled  mildew  mild  migrated  midnight  midday  mice  messy  messenger  messages  mesmerizingly  meself  merry  merriment  merrily  mero  mercifully  merciful  mentioning  menacingly  memorized  melted  melt  medium  medicine  medals  medallion  medal  meanderings  meals  meal  meadow  maze  mature  matters  mathematics  materials  master  massive  massaged  masonry  mason  mashing  mashed  masculinity  martis  marshlands  marshland  marsh  marksmen  marksman  marginally  manufactured  manning  manners  manner  manned  manipulated  manically  mangy  mangos  maneuverings  manage  mallets  makeshift  maker  majesty  majestic  mahogany  maha  magnificently  machine  lyre  luxurious  lurry  lurking  lurched  lunging  lump  luminous  luminescent  lulled  lull  lugging  lug  luciens  lucias  lucens  loyalties  lowest  lower  lover  lovely  louts  lots  lord  lopsided  loot  loosing  loopy  longed  lonely  logistics  logical  locks  locking  locker  locate  lobes  loaves  loans  loaf  liturgy  literarti  liter  listens  limply  limping  limp  likened  lik  lights  lighten  lifestyles  lifeless  licked  lick  liberties  liar  lesser  lessened  lent  lemon  legion  legible  lecturish  lecturing  lease  learnin  leaped  leaf  leadership  lawless  launching  laughs  laughingly  latest  latent  lately  latch  lass  lashing  lash  lap  lanky  landscape  landmark  laments  lamb  lagged  ladles  lacked  lacing  laceration  laborious  laborers  labor  label  l  knuckles  knowledgeable  knoll  knobs  knives  knelt  kneeled  killjoy  killing  kildred  kidnap  keyhole  keeps  keen  juvenile  jutted  justly  justified  justice  juice  judgments  judgment  jubilation  joyous  joyful  journals  jolly  joking  jokes  joked  joining  jingling  jibes  jib  jerky  jealously  jaws  jaunting  jarring  jarred  jar  jailer  jail  jade  jabbed  ithilno  items  item  itch  issue  isle  irrelevant  irrational  irony  invite  invigorated  investigations  investigated  introductions  introducer  intrigued  intricacies  intimate  intimacy  interwoven  intervention  interspersed  interrupting  interrogating  interrogated  interpreter  interpret  intermission  intermingled  interests  interest  interconnecting  interconnected  intercept  interaction  intelligence  intellect  integral  intake  intact  insulting  insulted  insult  instruments  instructing  instincts  instantaneously  instance  installed  inspire  inspiration  insist  insincere  insight  inscriptions  insatiable  inquisitors  inquisitorial  inquiry  inquiries  innocently  inland  inky  inked  inkblots  injustice  injury  injuries  initialed  inherited  infuriated  inflection  inebriated  indoors  indistinct  indignity  indicated  indecipherable  incurable  incredulous  incredulity  increase  incorrectly  incorporated  inconveniences  inconsistent  inconclusive  incomplete  incompetent  income  inclement  incident  inadequate  inaccessible  inability  impulsive  impromptu  impressive  impressionable  impress  impoverished  impoverish  impervious  imperium  impenetrable  impending  impassable  impart  immobilized  imminent  immersed  immediate  immature  imitations  imitating  imitated  imagination  images  imaged  illustration  ilium  idiotic  icing  hysterically  hysterical  hypothetical  hypothesizing  hypothesized  hustle  hushed  hurts  hunt  hundredth  hunched  humming  humility  humidity  humbling  hulking  huh  hugs  huffing  huff  hued  hue  howl  hovered  hover  household  hourglass  hosted  horrendous  horns  horn  horizontally  horizontal  hopping  hopelessly  hopefulness  hooded  honorably  honorable  honey  homage  hollow  holiday  holey  hoisted  hobbled  hoarse  hive  historians  hired  hire  hint  hindrances  hind  hilarious  hiked  hideous  hideaways  hers  hero  hereby  herd  herb  hen  hemmed  helpless  heist  heir  hectorian  heave  heatedly  heated  heartache  heaped  headlong  headlock  hazel  haunting  hauling  hates  hatched  hat  hasn  harvester  harsh  harmony  harmlessly  harmful  hardwood  hardly  hardily  harbored  happier  happenings  haphazardly  hangings  handwriting  handsome  handpicked  handouts  halun  halter  hailes  hailenas  haha  hagglers  habits  guy  gusto  gusted  gust  gullible  gulf  guest  guessing  guesses  guardians  guaranteed  grumpiness  grumble  growling  grove  grounded  grooves  groom  groggily  groaning  gritting  grinning  grinds  grinding  grimaced  grilling  greeny  greens  greenleaf  grays  graying  grates  grateful  grasped  grapevines  granted  grandeur  granddaughter  grand  grammatical  grainy  grains  grade  gracious  gracefully  governmental  governed  gouges  gouge  gotta  goose  goons  gooey  gongs  goblets  goblet  goatskin  goatee  goal  gnaw  gnatias  glowing  glowed  gloriously  gloomy  globs  glittered  glinting  glint  glimpses  glimmering  glimmered  gleefully  glean  glasses  glares  glancing  gladly  gimon  giggling  giggles  giddiness  ghouls  ghosts  ghost  gesticulated  geography  genuine  gentlemanly  genius  generous  generosities  generation  generals  gears  gauntlets  gateway  garrison  garnishing  garnish  garment  gargled  gardens  garden  gaping  gangly  gallantly  gales  gale  gaily  gagged  gag  fussy  fusillade  furthest  furnace  funneled  funnel  funeral  funds  functions  fuming  fume  fullness  fulfill  fuel  frustrated  fruitlessly  fruitless  frozen  frowns  frowning  frog  frivolity  frivolities  frightened  fridges  frequented  frenzy  franticly  frantic  frankly  frames  frail  fragrance  fours  founding  founded  foundations  foundation  fortunately  fortunate  fortnight  formulated  forming  formation  formalities  forlorn  forks  forked  forge  forefront  foreboding  forebode  footing  footfall  fools  fooling  fool  foods  folly  folding  focusing  flustered  flushed  flowing  flowering  flowered  flourished  flopped  flooring  flittered  flipping  flip  flint  flinched  flinch  flied  flicking  flicked  flick  fletching  fleeting  flee  flecks  flawless  flaw  flavor  flared  flapping  flammable  flaming  flag  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Thank you for all of your encouragement, those who eagerly read chapters and those who continue to wait for the latest version of The Tale, for it is done, at least as done as it can be. I finished about two weeks ago, did another read through for the plot and characters from that time until last night, and I am ready to sit back and put it out of my mind for a few months. It is exciting to have a new draft and I am thrilled with the mind boggling thing that I will attempt later this year – submission to an agent. It feels so far away!

For the time being I plan on focusing, once again, on this blog. I also will try to get a few short stories submitted and work on another project that I have rolling around in my mind that I wish to finish this year as well as pour over some of my older stories and try to see what might be ready to be dusted off and munched on once again.

So, I can check off one of the goals this year, and will begin to get my artist’s well full again in order to strike out and complete another goal.

How is your writing going in 2012?