The Jot Conference

I am a part of a writer’s group that created the Jot Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is has been attended by hundreds of writers both established and beginners alike.

This twice a year conference is a one night affair with poets, editors, marketers, authors, bloggers, and publishing professionals. Presenters have been local authors, acquisitions editors, agents, Huffington Post journalists, and more.

It is completely free and you even have time after the presentations for workshops and writing time or to get to know the presenters. Meeting other writers is something that invigorates me. I hope to see you there some time.

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3 thoughts on “The Jot Conference

  1. Sounds like a great program. Just a little too far away from my home near Puget Sound.

    We sponsored a small version of this at a group I was part of in southern California. Free to attend, with a great speaker.

    I too find meeting regularly with other writers essential to my literary life.

    1. That is a little far :). What was/is your conference called? I could not have done anything without my writers group. And I mean that. Writing can be a lonely road and it’s great when I have company.

      On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 12:47 PM, Part-Time Novel wrote:


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