Thank you for all of your encouragement, those who eagerly read chapters and those who continue to wait for the latest version of The Tale, for it is done, at least as done as it can be. I finished about two weeks ago, did another read through for the plot and characters from that time until last night, and I am ready to sit back and put it out of my mind for a few months. It is exciting to have a new draft and I am thrilled with the mind boggling thing that I will attempt later this year – submission to an agent. It feels so far away!

For the time being I plan on focusing, once again, on this blog. I also will try to get a few short stories submitted and work on another project that I have rolling around in my mind that I wish to finish this year as well as pour over some of my older stories and try to see what might be ready to be dusted off and munched on once again.

So, I can check off one of the goals this year, and will begin to get my artist’s well full again in order to strike out and complete another goal.

How is your writing going in 2012?



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