This Week Is Banned Books Week

If you missed it, this week was Banned Books Week. Yes, I am aware it is Friday so there is still a chance you could read one of these books. However, most are too long to finish in a few days unless you have cleared your schedule ahead of time and if that is the case you should probably supply me with the winning lottery numbers too. Seriously though, great job on that x-men like foresight ability.

There are a myriad of reasons a book might be considered banned: misrepresentation of a government, a religion, a socioeconomic class, overt use of sexuality, etcetera. Some are classics that shaped our required reading in high school or college. Others have fallen out of favor because of a shift in thought or advancement of culture. Nevertheless, these books have a place on this list because they pushed boundaries for good or ill.

Below are a few links to reference various sites that list these so call banned books. If you already have this list via your ability to read the future, well done once again. And send me those numbers when you can.

Five banned books that you should read (that you probably haven’t) via Forbes list.

100 Most Challenged Books – American Library Association

Keep writing.



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