Julia’s Place – 100 Word Challenge – It Can’t Be That Time

Good day. Every week I participate in the 100 word challenge at Julia’s place. This week the words that must be used are “it can’t be that time”.

Happy writing.

It was the best night of her life. The pure extravagance was breathtaking. The ceilings stretched so high she thought they touched the stars and the way he danced…

She was sure that this must be a dream and would shortly wake in her dingy old bed. Thus, she pinched herself, bumped her elbow on a wall and stomped on her own foot- but was real. Then, as it had countless times time her life, a clock chimed midnight –spoiling the moment.  

“It can’t be that time!” she thought. She raced for the stairs, making for the carriage, dropping a slipper along the way.

Okay, okay I know. Cinderella? But hey my daughter June is three and loves the story.



6 thoughts on “Julia’s Place – 100 Word Challenge – It Can’t Be That Time

  1. Yes indeed. It’s fun reviewing the old stories too. I am excited to read many stories to her as she gets older. I get a little thrill each time when she says, can we read stories daddy? I love it that she does not ask for the television!

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