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Recently I discovered I neglected something very important – the About Page on my blog. Anytime I whip up a funny little anecdote about my writing life or how I came to love books, I think Hey! This could be my about page. Then as time marches on and the responsibilities of life weigh on my mind, I forget.

So, I thought I would take a blog post and do this very thing. If you are a writer who has also been remiss about creating that all too important About Page, please take a moment and do so.

I stumbled upon the writing craft while very young. However, I did not start to write until roughly seven years ago. Since that time my love for writing has grown even through countless redrafts and a few rejections.

My love for the written word exploded in high school when I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I remember it was reading day (a Friday afternoon) and I could not find a book to read so I borrowed one from a friend. I thought, eh a large green monster, Igor and the like. I can stomach that until the period is over. When it opened aboard a ship, I was hooked. It was a pleasant and unforgettable surprise.

Just over a year ago I started this blog. I figured it was about time that I took some responsibility for my own writing and if there was any place that I could go to find encouragement and to be held accountable it is the web. Even if my writing friends moved, I could stay connected.

Thus, Part Time Novel was born (Writing between Living) targeting people who desired to write for a living but still had a day job, a family, and other joys of life. It is my desire to create a community of writers who are focused on encouraging one another on the treacherous road to publication.

If you are a writer who is honing the craft and need a bit of support please drop a line below. I would love to read your manuscript (for free) or do what I can to help you become a better writer and share what I have learned. Write well today and thanks for stopping by!



10 thoughts on “My About Page

  1. Julie Catherine

    Bob, reading this reminded me that I need to update my Bio & Awards page; it’s been awhile since I even looked at it. Thanks for the reminder … 🙂

  2. I’ve always had a problem selling myself. hy and retiring, that was the person I have constantly fought against. Maybe it’s time for me to visit my “about” page and do something with it.

  3. It’s encouraging to me to see writers out there offering to read others’ manuscripts — I know I’m always looking for substantive feedback on the scripts I write, and how valuable it is to know people generous enough to give me that.

    1. I know it’s strange to pass along work especially if you don’t know the person (and because it is your baby). But if I can be of help feel free to send it to robert dot evenhouse at gmail dot com. I am not a grammar specialist, but I enjoy reading and will be glad to provide feedback, if you wanted. Happy writing.

  4. Oh, I like your About Me page. I especially like how you bring in your first influential book and how that ties into your love for writing. I also like that you’re offering to read other manuscripts for people. I think there are a lot of writers who are looking for that help.

    I get bored with my About pages, It’s like interior decorating to me. So, I have to update it every once in a while, and make it current and hip. Not that I’m current and hip, but I think our blogs need to have that sense of freshness.

  5. That is an excellent idea to keep things fresh and try to update or add to the about page. It’s like a renewable business card. I will keep that in mind. I put the manuscript thing in there because at times it can be hard to find fellow writers to review your work. I have the blessing of a good group of writers that live here in Grand Rapids, MI and I wanted to pass that blessing along.

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