Holiday Reads

Christmas TreeAs we approach the holiday season I start to think of books. Books that I would like to read which remind me of this time of year.

My ideal time for reading would be late at night, snow is on the ground, all is quiet in the house and the room is solely illuminated by the lights of the Christmas tree. I remember doing this while I was young and still enjoy it now, only I drink coffee.

While I peruse my bookshelves I am reminded of several books that I would consider “Christmas reads”. Either because they are popular this time of year or because reading them gives me a sense of the season. My scant list is below. Please feel free to add your own favorite holiday reads in the comment section below.

  1. A Christmas Carol – The season just does not seem complete without Marley’s ghost, Ebenezer Scrooge and the lot. I try to read this every year. It’s only a hundred pages or so.
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia (NOT the films) – Winter is a constant in Narnia when Peter, Edmond, Susan, and Lucy step through the wardrobe. The world is
    Marley's Ghost
    Marley was dead to begin with…

    never the same. I am starting with book one of the seven book children series in hopes of finishing by the New Year. Short and entertaining, a classic already.

  3. Luke chapter 2 – from the Bible. I remember my grandmother would recite this from memory just before we opened presents to remember why we celebrate this day and why it is important. I plan to do the same for my children keeping her tradition alive.
  4. Frankenstein – I know this looks like a typo. This is a Christmas list right? The myth is that Mary Shelley wrote this while cooped up as a vicious storm blew outside. Also, the book starts in the far north, during winter on a sailing vessel.  For some strange reason I am reminded of Christmas.
  5. Anything Dickens really – this is broad but my favorites this time of year are, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, and David Copperfield.

My list is short, but this time of the year tends to be busy and I have to sneak in what I can. How about you? What do you like to read this time of year?



My About Page

Recently I discovered I neglected something very important – the About Page on my blog. Anytime I whip up a funny little anecdote about my writing life or how I came to love books, I think Hey! This could be my about page. Then as time marches on and the responsibilities of life weigh on my mind, I forget.

So, I thought I would take a blog post and do this very thing. If you are a writer who has also been remiss about creating that all too important About Page, please take a moment and do so.

I stumbled upon the writing craft while very young. However, I did not start to write until roughly seven years ago. Since that time my love for writing has grown even through countless redrafts and a few rejections.

My love for the written word exploded in high school when I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I remember it was reading day (a Friday afternoon) and I could not find a book to read so I borrowed one from a friend. I thought, eh a large green monster, Igor and the like. I can stomach that until the period is over. When it opened aboard a ship, I was hooked. It was a pleasant and unforgettable surprise.

Just over a year ago I started this blog. I figured it was about time that I took some responsibility for my own writing and if there was any place that I could go to find encouragement and to be held accountable it is the web. Even if my writing friends moved, I could stay connected.

Thus, Part Time Novel was born (Writing between Living) targeting people who desired to write for a living but still had a day job, a family, and other joys of life. It is my desire to create a community of writers who are focused on encouraging one another on the treacherous road to publication.

If you are a writer who is honing the craft and need a bit of support please drop a line below. I would love to read your manuscript (for free) or do what I can to help you become a better writer and share what I have learned. Write well today and thanks for stopping by!