100 Word Challenge – Emerald

It’s been a while since I participated in the 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s place. I was inspired by my friend Josh’s short story. Read that HERE.

If you100wcgu-73 want to stretch your writing muscles or are considering working on a large piece of fiction, I’d start here (click on the logo). Confining your words is one of the best ways to develop your language. Limiting your words means you have to pick the right words, or at least the best words you can manage.

This is titled, The Dragon Rider. Enjoy.

Alden Nash touched the Emerald. There was a flash, and he vanished.

Dr. Bulgakov looked around. He heard a faint squeak and saw his friend, a half inch tall now,  screaming up at him.


“I’m sorry my friend. I can’t understand you.” Dr. Bulgakov replied knowing it was some form of eloquent profanity.

“… said… dragon…rider.” Alden screamed, throwing his fedora down and jumping on it.Dragonfly

“I didn’t. The runes did.” Dr. Bugakov put his on glasses and read the stone tablet again.

“Oh, no.” He looked down. “It says dragon fly rider.”


“Yes, well, I’m sorry Alden.”

Hope you enjoyed it.



100 Challenge Julia’s Place – Grey – After the Storm

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It’s been a while since I participated in the 100 word challenge from Julia’s place. It feels nice to get back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoy the post eruption mini below.

Title: After the Storm

“Gary, how long will this last?” Clara asked staring out the window.

“No idea. The radio’s gone silent again. This time I think it’s for good,” her brother replied slapping the device again.

“Do you think we should leave?” Clara watched a car race down the road. Outside, it was growing cold.

“No, I think it’s best if we stay inside. In time, things will clear up. We’re outside the blast radius. I don’t think we’ll be affected.” Clara nodded, but did not believe a word he said.

As the grey ashes fell, Clara knew her world had changed forever.

Julia’s Place – 100 Word Challenge – And Winter Will Bring

Happy Friday everyone. Today is my post for Julia’s Place. If you have not visited it already and want a place to hone your writing skills, click on the icon. This entry is titled Ragnarok.

Olaf swung his axe.  Tree after tree fell before him. His red shaggy beard grew heavier in the misty rain.

“Father, why do we work like this? Why do we work so hard?” Sigrid asked looking at the next farm over. “They don’t.”

“We need to be ready,” he breathed between swings.

“For what?”

“You are young and don’t remember. Upon the fortieth cycle of the sun, winter comes with the darkness.”

“Winter?” Sigrid said bewildered.

“Yes winter. And winter will bring ice, cold, snow, and death for those who are not ready. Grab an axe daughter. Today we work.”



Julia’s Place – 100 Word Challenge – It Can’t Be That Time

Good day. Every week I participate in the 100 word challenge at Julia’s place. This week the words that must be used are “it can’t be that time”.

Happy writing.

It was the best night of her life. The pure extravagance was breathtaking. The ceilings stretched so high she thought they touched the stars and the way he danced…

She was sure that this must be a dream and would shortly wake in her dingy old bed. Thus, she pinched herself, bumped her elbow on a wall and stomped on her own foot- but was real. Then, as it had countless times time her life, a clock chimed midnight –spoiling the moment.  

“It can’t be that time!” she thought. She raced for the stairs, making for the carriage, dropping a slipper along the way.

Okay, okay I know. Cinderella? But hey my daughter June is three and loves the story.



100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place – Stubborn John

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Here is my post for this week’s challenge at Julia’s place.

The prompt this time is I woke with another headache

It’s titled Stubborn John.


“We should have known the signs. We should have known,” Margaret sobbed.

“Look, I know it’s difficult to understand. There is nothing we could have done. You didn’t know John was sick and he was certainly too stubborn to tell anyone.”

Margaret held up a hand interrupting him. She reached down and pulled a journal from her purse.

“Read October fifteen’s entry,” she said. Dr Alden took it and read.

I woke with another headache…

“Flip to October fourteen,”

I woke with another headache…

“And thirteenth,”

I woke with another headache…

Dr Alden gasped. Each entry, the past three weeks, began with that very sentence.



My Grandma Evenhouse

The prompt for this week at Julia’s place is titled Legacy. It does not have to contain the word, but needs to be about the theme of legacy. Below you will find mine. I dedicate it to my Grandma Evenhouse.

My grandmother passed nearly two years ago. Even at the end she remained very sharp and waited until my brother flew in from Florida to depart this world.

I write this because she always encouraged me in my writing. Every time I saw her she asked me how things were. One Christmas she gave me a little notebook because she said I reminded her of my grandfather who had passed a few years before.

If she were here now I would introduce her to my daughter Clara and proudly tell her they share the same middle name: Mae.



Short Story from Julia’s Place “Would Seven Prove To Be Too Much”

I put a post about this word challenge on my blog last week without much of an introduction. This post is an entry in a writing contest at Julia’s Place called the 100 word challenge. It is a wonderful way to hone your skills, be choosey in your word selection, and try to be compelling in a brief amount of space. It’s sort of like tweeting a story or a writing sprint.

Titled: Don’t Be Like This Guy

Dirk put the phone down wondering if he was jeopardizing his chances of landing an agent.

He’d been calling all day asking for Mrs. Swenson of Swenson Agency Limited. However, she did not return his calls nor did Veronica her assistant.  He wondered if Veronica was actually taking his messages because he could hear her drumming her fingers along the desk, especially after the sixth call.

But this is what being an author is about, right? You have to do this to get published, don’t you?

So, Dirk pick up the phone, breathed a heavy sigh, and dialed again wondering, would seven prove to be too much?

Write today!



A Helpful Writing Contest

Yesterday I posted my 100 word challenge. It comes from the site Julia’s Place (here) and I’d like to mention it to my readers. I believe her contests are tremendously helpful for the writer trying to hone their skill and if you are a writer trying to reach the next level of the craft, sign up and try next week’s prompt.

The 100 word challenge makes you be selective and confines your writing, forcing you to exercise your writing muscles. The premise is, you are given a few words and they need to be included in the 100 words you write. Then follow the instructions to post your link on her site.

See yesterday’s post for an example.

Special thanks to Josh Mosey for bringing them to my attention.

I apologize for the short post, but I have something I am working on.

I will inform you all next week.

Keep Writing – 1000 words this weekend? You can do it!



100 Word Challenge – Together The Flames

Curses echoed from the headmaster’s office. Mikey ran down the corridor knowing the headmaster would discover what he did, but didn’t realize it would be so soon.

The office door flung open.The headmaster, never one to run, marched briskly in pursuit. Mikey yanked on the common room door handle, it was mercifully unlocked.

A fire burned in the hearth and seventeen boys huddled nearby. Mikey marched like a hero, flashed the ledger containing the daily punishments and stood over the fire. The headmaster entered. It was too late for together the flames erased the unjust punishments.

The boys cheered.