How To Increase Blog Traffic

When I first began blogging I wrote as often as I could and published about six blogs in just over two weeks. I thought my blog was going well. However, I was just a beginner and soon I started to sputter (and my wife and I welcomed my second daughter into our family) and I focused my writing on my novel.

I have since had a new start and have seen great results with blog traffic. I wanted to share with you what I did differently than when I began. Hopefully you can avoid the mistakes I made at the beginning.

Blog Regularly – This seems obvious, but if you blog one day, then in three days, then in two weeks, you will lose your audience very quickly. Since I started blogging every day a few weeks ago, I have easily had my best month traffic-wise. You don’t have to blog everyday, it could be every other day, or maybe once every two weeks. Just find a groove and make it consistent.

Keep To One Topic Or Theme – No one wants to see a post of the new Avengers movie here, however cool or dull that might seem to you (okay it’s cool, see below). This blog is about writing novels, writing with a busy schedule, writing while working full time. It is not about My Little Ponies or jelly beans. You can build an audience and followers this way. People will know your blog for ___ .

Sync To Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Or Other Social Media Sites – Depending on the platform you use, wordpress, blogger, etc., this is a great way to tell your family and friends without having to text or call them all, and a great way to generate traffic.

Follow, Like, And Comment On Other Blogs – Make some cyber-friends. If you are a writer like me, follow other writers. If you like photography, comment on a picture you like on a photo blog.

Have A Contest – Have a question, photo or writing contest. Give away a book you like or an iPad. Whatever.

Blog With A Friend Though my writing group the Weaklings (after the Inklings of Oxford – see Josh’s post here) is scattered, we are now all blogging. Click on their names for their blogs: Josh, Andrew, Matthew.

My parting comments will sound familiar to those who read my blog. Its the same advice I’ve given over and over again. You learn by doing. You learn to write by writing. You learn to blog by blogging. 



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