Reviewing A Year

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

This is the time of year I reread my journals. I keep two of them.

One is larger, kept on my bedside table, for the purpose of collecting my thoughts at the end of the day. The other is small enough to fit in my back pocket, accessible at any time, to capture whatever thought may come at me unexpectedly any place I happen to be.

I do my best to avoid doing this while in traffic. 

One reason I do this is because of another journal entry, written by Søren Kierkegaard. He writes:

In Danish –

at Livet maa forstaaes baglaends. Men derover glemmer man den anden Saetning, at det maa leves forlaends.

In English –

… life must be understood backwards. But with this, one forgets the second proposition, that it must be lived forwards

When I review what I’ve written, I wish to know:

  • What events or themes cropped up in my life that might need to be explored further?
  • What have I’ve been most concerned with?
  • And, how am I tracking toward those goals that are difficult to measure?

Kierkegaard does go on to write that because of this issue of reviewing the past while living in the present, “life, therefore, cannot be fully understood” so perhaps my time is wasted asking these questions.

I began my first journal over seventeen years ago. Since then, I have always enjoyed taking the time to look back.

I read and consider what I might need to change about who I am. I also read and am thankful for the year of life, whether good or bad, I have been given. 


This Is The Year To Go On The Offensive

Do you make statements like – Someday I’ll pay off my house? Or, I’ll get to that book tomorrow, or let’s attack that unorganized closet during the spring.

Me too.

Lately, I discovered there’s a huge difference between saying you want to do X, Y, or Z and putting a date on the calendar when you’re actually going to accomplish it.

As in, I want to pay off my house in ten years. I want to write that book in the next one hundred and sixty days. I’ll say sayonara to that disorganized closet next Saturday at 10 AM.


When a brand-new year rolls around I like to make plans. I have goals this year. My main focus is to change my goal setting routine.

I used to think I make excuses. But now I realize I’m just lazy with some of my internal promises. I leave them unbound to a certain time thinking I’ll accomplish these tasks in the nebulous future.

Though I have excuses aplenty, I want 2016 to be a huge success. So I’ve written goals down with a specific date they are going to be completed by.

I’ve left dreams on the shelf in years past. This year, I’m going on the offensive, chasing after the things I’ve always wanted to accomplish.

So look out e-books.

Look out website.

Look out debt and disorganized junk drawer.

I’m coming for you.

As the new year comes and the old one passes, don’t just ask yourself what your are going accomplish this New Year. Set a date. Then go get it.

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Today

Any goal of significance takes a lot of planning. It matters and therefore making it the best ____ means we must plan well, consider, honestly, how we might accomplish it day to day, and why we are doing it.

Now is the time when I begin to reflect on the past year.

Did I accomplish my goals? If so, cheers.Calendar

If not, why didn’t I complete a particular goal?

Usually it is because of three things.

  1. I failed to plan properly
  2. It was poorly executed
  3. In the end I realized it was not important.

Now is also the time when I begin planning for the next year. I don’t do well with halfhearted attempts at anything. They almost always result in failure. How about you, do you plan to run a 25K? Write a book? Travel to another country?

If you have goals don’t wait to begin the planning process until 2015. Plan right now. Gain some momentum and excitement about whatever it is you want to do so are ready to go when the calendar turns to the New Year.




Don’t Wait Until The New Year

After the Christmas presents and cookie eating is over many of us will hunker down and create a list of things we want to accomplish over the New Year. Be it a level of weigh we’d like to slim down to, a mountain we’d like to climb, walking every day or… maybe even write a novel.

Indeed it is refreshing when another year comes off the books and there is a chance to start again. However, most of you know these goals sputter and fade within a few weeks — if they get started at all. The reason for this post today is because I was doing something all writers and goal makers do from time to time – telling myself the perfect time to write is just around the corner. I have done this again and again before realizing I’m going nowhere.

I have excuses a plenty. My daughter is just getting used to sleeping through the night and wakes up crying, sometimes for hours, before settling down again. Three naps of two hours does not help. My work picks up this time of year, and I detest getting up and rushing to the computer screen, and my family and I are just plain busy.

There, I’ve got them out.  I’m done complaining. I’m writing.