Do You Have The Someday Syndrome?

I’m no so sure why Annie was excited about tomorrow. I get the context, but tomorrow is a day that never actually shows up. Sort of like our frenemy Someday.

As in, someday I’ll to go to Europe. Someday we’ll get this debt paid off or sit down to write that book or clear the garage. It’s a safe statement, with none of that proactive or deadline nonsense.

Have your ever had the someday syndrome?

look at the futur 1

Lately, I’ve become fascinated with people that act. They don’t live in the realm of someday. They may form a plan and gather information but they take action. They don’t tuck it in a drawer.

I’m reading a book The 15 Success Traits of PRO Bloggers by Jonathan Milligan. If you are a blogger I’d suggest picking it up. Why? Because it has a ton of great application. In one instance he shares what got him started.

He told a friend after work that he was ready to go and fail at something. That’s when he knew he was ready to act. To Jonathan, it suddenly became more frightening to not act, than to act and possibly fail. Let that sink in for a moment.

Where are you today? Is there something you always have wanted to try but just cannot bring yourself to commit to it? Have you relegated it to the land of someday?

Consider the other side. Could you live with yourself if you never did it?


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