Don’t Wait Until The New Year

After the Christmas presents and cookie eating is over many of us will hunker down and create a list of things we want to accomplish over the New Year. Be it a level of weigh we’d like to slim down to, a mountain we’d like to climb, walking every day or… maybe even write a novel.

Indeed it is refreshing when another year comes off the books and there is a chance to start again. However, most of you know these goals sputter and fade within a few weeks — if they get started at all. The reason for this post today is because I was doing something all writers and goal makers do from time to time – telling myself the perfect time to write is just around the corner. I have done this again and again before realizing I’m going nowhere.

I have excuses a plenty. My daughter is just getting used to sleeping through the night and wakes up crying, sometimes for hours, before settling down again. Three naps of two hours does not help. My work picks up this time of year, and I detest getting up and rushing to the computer screen, and my family and I are just plain busy.

There, I’ve got them out.  I’m done complaining. I’m writing.



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