Why You Should Keep Writing Despite A Full House

On Saturday, my daughter Emily was born. It was surreal. One moment I was sitting there, the next I was staring down at this helpless little creature with chestnut hair and deep blue eyes.


If I am honest I wondered how my wife and I were going to get through another baby. Not that we don’t love them, we absolutely do, but four is a high number. The responsibility, the balancing of time between kids, money. Oh yes. Money.

I decided I should take a step back from my writing to make room for Emily and the morsels of sleep I’ll need.

But then I changed my mind.

Here’s why.

My children are getting older and they watch me closer than ever before. How I love their mother, the jokes I tell, the way I treat an inexperienced waiter, how patient I am in traffic. But also what I love and the passions I chase.

So I am going to keep writing because I love them. I will keep planning and dreaming and taking action because they are watching me and I want to be a good example.

19 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep Writing Despite A Full House

  1. Shannon

    You nailed it, never stop dreaming and living in your passions. Have your kids join the journey!
    …. A man without vison will perish.
    Your dreams and passion give you vison, breath life into you!!
    Blessings to you and your adventures to come!
    -Sunderwood 😉

  2. I have been wondering about that little baby. My brother had his on Saturday. 🙂 Your dedication to your work is very inspiring. Four really is a big number, but when that pretty little baby slips into a schedule, I’m sure that finding writing time won’t be quite so tricky. Congrats!!

    1. Thank you! Nice! So they have the same birthday 11-7. Thank you for the encouragement. I plan to keep writing but we’ll see how the schedule/sleeping/diapers work out!

      On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 9:46 AM, PART-TIME NOVEL wrote:


  3. Andy Rogers

    Congrats, Bob! If you ever stop writing I’m going to punch you. I’m joking. No, wait. No I’m not. Seriously, I’m only half-kidding. 🙂

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