What Do Your Kids See When You Write?

Last week I went down stairs to put a book on my writing desk, when I got there I found something unfortunate, marker dots and streaks on the desk I built not a few months before. It would not come off. Then, I turned to my old desk on the other side of the room and noticed similar marks.

At first I was upset. I’d have to paint my new desk again and figure out how to get the ink out of the wood of my old desk. But first I had to find the culprit.

Photo Credit: MargaretDonald via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: MargaretDonald via Compfight cc

It didn’t take long for me to do so. My daughter June, who is five, had the same marker stains on her hands. I asked her about it and she admitted to it reluctantly. I told her she would have to help me paint my desk. Then I saw the papers she held. She asked me to help her staple her book together. The annoyance of having to paint my desk evaporated. Instead, I was thrilled.

While I was at work, she was also working. She was creating a story in the same space that I do. The marker stains were the signature of her effort.

When I realized this I could not have been more joyful to paint my desk again. My beloved daughter was doing her best to follow in the steps of her father. She wanted to write books where her daddy wrote books. She wanted to create too.

I am at awe when I see my kids emulate my wife and I. It simultaneously thrills and terrifies me.

What do your kids or family think of your writing dreams?

21 thoughts on “What Do Your Kids See When You Write?

  1. What a sweet story. Sometimes when I write the little one comes grunting and straining to me drag-carrying one of my old laptops. These machines are heavy. I then have to put it on the desk next to me so she can “write”. It is wonderful how they emulate us. It brings a song to my heart.

      1. It’s a strange thing. The kids are a handful and keeping the house clean is a continues battle, nevermind finding quiet time to write, and yet when they smile or look at you in that special way, nothing else matters. I just smile and thank God for my children.

      2. I concur, I know my wife would too! I want peace and space for my art and all I do is have more children! But I agree, I smile and thank God as well. Wonderful, inspiring little people.

        On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 5:04 PM, Part-Time Novel wrote:


  2. You are insane… We have three, and couldn’t imagine a fourth 😉 But, the way you handled this situation goes to show the type of parents you are. Your kids are pretty lucky!

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  6. I have 7 year old twins and I love that they enjoy writing stories too. When I was growing up writing books seemed like something other people did and even though I’ve always loved books and reading, I only started writing seriously a few years ago. It’s fantastic that they will grow up viewing it as normal and creating their own stories along the way!

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