No, For Now

I’ve been remiss. I promised to fill my readers in after I got a response from the agent about my book proposal and I did not do so. Part of the reason was because I needed to take some time to digest her response. It was not a bad response by any means. But it was a response that indicated I have my work cut out for me if I desire representation someday.

First and foremost she said my stories have high potential. She also mentioned that I am a very creative person and that my stories will appeal to many readers. Needless to say I was thrilled. However, there is work that needs to be done, a lot of it. There are several mechanical flaws and my book is in need of a thorough shellacking. I will miss my darlings.

Now, some writers might wilt and collapse at the idea of more work after seven years of writing, but I don’t look at it like that. I am not super thrilled with going through it again but my hope is in the professional critique.

If she had said don’t ever write again I would have been crushed. But she didn’t say that. She said they have potential and that is where I will get my energy. The idea is great, the execution is off the map. It’s time to pick up the old draft and begin again. I don’t have to start from scratch as she told me what I need to improve and even asked for me to send it back to her after I get some readers to pick through it.

So, here’s to another few months of work. Here’s to writing and the grand adventure that it is. Thank you all for your encouragement through this first rejection.

Write today.



6 thoughts on “No, For Now

  1. Every time I get another draft of editing back, I fight a wave of panic. But it’s not as bad as at first, so I think I’m getting used to it. The alternative is to get a real job, and I don’t think I’m cut out for that. 🙂

  2. 7 years doesn’t sound so bad compared to my nearly 10 years. 🙂 And, nope, despite the various rejections, I haven’t quit either. And it really isn’t about being published so much as I need to tell this particular story, or give my characters a voice. Because they sure aren’t letting me go despite all the disappointment.

    I’m glad you’re not giving up. I think after we invest a certain amount of time it would be impossible anyway. Keep up the good fight, Bob. 🙂

    1. Yes being this thick into a story, it simply cannot leave you. The characters are friends at this point and are a part of you and your experiences. It would be hard to just chuck that away. I hope this umpteenth draft is a little closer to my last though! Thanks for the encouragement to press on. That is what a blogging community is all about.

  3. Bob, you’re right to take from this only the good for there is much good to what she said. In fact, I don’t think there is any bad here unless one is impatient, but that is a totally different discussion. She never said you couldn’t write, and to me, that is the most important. It means there is hope and hope combined with determination usually ends up in success.

    When I write I go through six different emotions daily. I’m either jumping with joy at my brilliance or mope miserably because my writing suck and the plot is incoherent. It’s like I’m cooped up with different versions of me all clambering for attention when I write.

    Of all the writing advice I’ve read through the years there seem to be a unanimous agreement that successful writers are successful only because they kept on writing, because they pushed through whatever adversity fate threw at them. It is because of this steadfast determination that they achieved their success. I don’t know yet if I can write, but I find solace in the fact that even if I can’t write, with time and determination and a sprinkle of hope, I will eventually and I will get better at it.

    You, on the other hand, have already proven you can write and that is half the battle. All that is left now is the honing process and this process is perpetual, no matter where you are in your writing career. So, I salute you, dude. Well done!

    1. Thanks! I too get the feeling that there are about seven different writers inside of me and any one of them can come out when I sit down to write. Some are decent at the craft, but all lack the ability to hone the details and that is what I need to work on the most. It is only through my writer friends in Michigan and in my blogging community that I can keep going. Also, my wife used to get after me about giving up on a project. Not in a nagging annoying way but just kept telling me not to give up. That has been a huge reason I have completed my drafts. I just keep going. Just keep moving. You are right on when you say to keep at it and eventually youll learn. Besides honing the techniques and tricks of writing, I believe that is all novelists need to do to be successful.

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