100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place – The Mount Wilderness Discovery

Here is my post for this week’s challenge at Julia’s place. Enjoy.

I hate climbing, because of the chance of falling. However, when my friend Declan discovered a boulder of silver, atop Mount Wilderness, I was intrigued.

In what seemed like an instant of preparation and ascent; suddenly it was in my hand. I held it up to the sun and referenced Jem’s Guide to Gems. It matched the example in the book. I jumped, tripped then tumbled. That’s how I broke both arms and legs, four ribs.

The fall lead to a newspaper article revealing why we were up on the mountain in the first place. Which lead to the boulder being discovered by a sponsored climber.



6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place – The Mount Wilderness Discovery

  1. Yes indeed. Poor soul. My brother actually just found some silver while hunting in the Rocky Mountains. That is where this idea came from. Thankfully, he just climbed down and is perfectly fine.

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