Writing with Passion and Persistence

This is a short piece from YouTube about the late great Ray Bradbury. He talks about his passion for writing, how he wrote a short story a week, and slowly became a published author.

He discusses the turning point in his career – a short story titled The Lake which is based on a true story. At the end of the piece he says it took him ten years to write something beautiful. I realize now, at times, how impatient we are with our inner authors and how passion and persistence pays off.

Rest in peace Mr. Bradbury and thank you.



10 thoughts on “Writing with Passion and Persistence

  1. Julie Catherine

    This is excellent, Bob, and what an inspirational man Ray Bradbury was, and always will be. I remember reading his, The Illustrated Man (many, many years ago, lol) – my first real “science fiction” read; and even though it wasn’t my ‘genre’, was fascinated by his keen perceptions and blend of the human psyche and technology in his stories. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. Andrew Rogers

    Great post, Bob. Thanks for sharing this. I’m now watching other Bradbury videos online too. There is a great long one called “A conversation with Ray Bradbury by Lawrence Bridges.” Check it out next time you have 25 minutes or so.

  3. Andrew Rogers

    Reblogged this on Tell Better Stories and commented:
    My buddy Bob posted this video of one of my favorite all-time authors, Ray Bradbury. I love what he’s got to say here about persistence. On top of that, it made me laugh (in a good-natured way) to see him in shorts and a long sleeve shirt, drinking many Coors and writing. What an interesting character he was! The world lost someone special when he died.

  4. I have never read Ray Bradbury because I’m not a fan of sci fi — however, he’d be the guy I’d read first if ever told to go out and pick a book by an author in a genre I’ve never read. All I ever hear about him is great stuff.

    I love how he figured out the importance of writing something that matters to him. That’s how I try to approach writing every day.

    1. At some point I would like to try the short story a week insanity. I can imagine I could keep it up for a few weeks. Or maybe one! But I cannot even fathom doing it for years at a time. It has inspired me to try new things like first person or perhaps even a sci-fi story, though I have yet to write one. If you ever have the urge to read anything sci-fi I would consider Fahrenheit 451. It’s a quick read and it’s about books, well sort of.

  5. Awesome vid, this. I’ve been thinking of short stories, of focussing only on them. But I need to finish what I’m busy with now. I’m impatient. I want to be ready, but I know I’m not. I’m a fan of Bradbury and, of course, love his writing advice. It comes down to love what you do and do it a lot and don’t stop. I’ll be ready one day or maybe I will never be, but I wont stop. Thanks for this post, Bob. Right on the button, as always.

  6. Thank you! I am sure you will be ready at some point. If it’s what you love I you will do it. I am inspired to write a short story this week. I’ll share it here when I finish it. I am in the thick of edits on my third draft which has taken up the majority of my writing energy. A nice first person sci-fi story might be the trick to get a new burst of energy. I always feel that way when writing something new.

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