Why Do You Follow A Blog?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking what makes a good story good. Today I’d like to ask a similar question. There are tens of thousands of blogs out there in the blogaverse and we all have our favorites. Some of mine are in my blogroll. But there are some blogs that we follow more religiously than others.

So, I ask you, why do you follow a particular blog?

Thank you for your participation!




4 thoughts on “Why Do You Follow A Blog?

  1. Julie Catherine

    Good morning, Bob! Great question – while I chose “I enjoy the content”, it really goes much further than that. Naturally, since I write poetry, I lean towards blogs of poets and other writers; but they tend to be blogs where I like the writer’s interaction with their followers, not simply ones that are all about ego (and there are a LOT of those!). I also regularly visit a couple of blogs that are totally different, just because I like the writing style – and humor expressed. If a blog consistently makes me laugh, or think, or gives me inspiration, I’ll follow it. If I find, however, that the blogger never responds to my comments, or returns the visit or occasionally “likes” and comments on my own blog, I will drop them from my visits – there are too many out there for me to spend time in a place where there is no interest in reciprocation. 🙂

    1. Julie,

      I agree about the interaction. I like to connect with people and especially those who share the same passion. That’s partially why I started to blog.

      I saw you had some exciting news so I will go and have a look on your site. Thanks for sharing as always and have a great weekend.

  2. I chose “other” because I follow a blog for all of those reasons. Granted, not *all* blogs will *always* measure up to *all* of those points. But the blogs I follow consistently make the mark on at least two of any of those points.

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