My Family Loves Books!

My daughter June loves books. When she first started walking, her favorite book was Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon. I know this because she kept swiping it off the shelf and biting it.

Now as she is older, she likes to take them off the shelf and distribute them about the house. Sometimes she puts them in our bed. Every night she has at least a dozen scattered across her as she sleeps when I go to check on her before bed.

Earlier this week my wife and I moved our youngest daughter Clara into June’s room. Clara is almost eleven months old and they get along fairly well. I also believe Clara will share the same passion, as you can see it clearly displayed below. Okay, her sister might have helped.

Happy reading and writing.



4 thoughts on “My Family Loves Books!

  1. My daughter is now five and it warms my heart that she is showing an interest in books, along with barbie, princesses and Tinkerbell. In her room she has her own little bookcase proudly displaying all the books she ever got.

    Her brother, on the other hand, is almost 12 months and eats books. I suppose nibble would be a more correct term. He’ll come right eventually.

    Love your post and Viva Books!!

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