Finding Characters

Characters in novels are not usually boring. However, if you are writing your first novel you might find yours to be dull. I’ve been writing for a while now and realize believable and lively characters are key for a good book, no matter what the story is about.

The idea from this post came from a conversation my wife and I had with a neighbor. She and her daughter invited us to their house for a party. We’re new to the neighborhood and some people have been here for forty plus years. Our neighbor who is throwing the party said she invites every one every year. She told us that she invites a neighbor four doors down from her and each year he says “you cut down my trees”, then shuts the door.

You see, she lives in a row of houses built sixteen years ago and they mowed down his view of the forest to do it. That got me thinking, he could be a great neighbor in a story.

Here are ten places you might find characters. Although don’t be too odd and stare at the poor person forever. It might be a comment or a brief interaction, but characters are everywhere. Obviously, tread lightly when doing this and never use a character to insult someone. We all have our subtleties of personality that could propel a story.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Work
  4. Supermarket
  5. Gas Station
  6. Restaurant
  7. Neighborhood
  8. Church
  9. Books
  10. Movies/Television

If you are struggling to find the right character, pay attention to them in your daily life and the media you consume. I am sure they will pop up somewhere.



2 thoughts on “Finding Characters

  1. I’m working up a character named Rob Slantshack who is a writer. He gets published and donates all of his book profits to his good friend, Mosh Josey. Thanks for the inspiration!

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