Your Favorite Place To Write

My family and I are moving in the next week and a half. The excitement of moving into the new house is mounting as well as the thrill of having an official place for my writer self to call his own. Previously, we have lived in apartments and have not had the space for a desk. We’ve kept the bookshelves, but I have lost that creative space that I believe is tremendously important to any writer.

Recently, I have been scouring various websites for an inexpensive corner desk, albeit a small Scandinavian one. Which brings me to the reason for writing this blog: The importance of a writer’s space.

Some writers need certain music. Some writers need to visit the same coffee shop at the same day each week which I usually do with my friend Josh. Some writers need to dress the part and some simply need their desk. I am one of these.

What do you need to write? Is is coffee? Is it music Or is it a quick kickboxing round while listening to the Eye of the Tiger before getting down some words? This may be a silly question. However, if you are having trouble writing, my guess is that something has disrupted your routine.



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