Everything Has A Story

It’s been almost three years now since I’ve had a space to write. My two daughters took precedence over a writing area and this, alas, left no room for a desk or study. Now, however, the time has come for a writer retreat to take form in the basement of my fine new abode, and I am thrilled beyond words.

As I unpacked the items that would comprise this writer’s retreat I thought of the essentials. Books? Of course. A desk? A must have. Lamp? Yes indeed. However, as I pulled out a few other items from long forgotten storage in my garage, memories of when I bought these items or the individual who gave it to me flooded my mind. I realized these belongings, though second hand and quite old, have stories of their own to tell.

The first item I would like to draw your attention to is in the top right corner of the photo. It is a picture of two warships. I know it might seem silly to have a couple of random war vessels plastered on the wall, but these are not random. They are not mere warships but, rather, photos of two ships my deceased grandfather Robert Evenhouse served on during the Korean Conflict.

The next item that might (or might not) catch your eye is that simple black chair that sits in front of the desk. That belonged to my grandparents when they managed an apartment complex. They bought this chair, and an identical one, after my grandfather had a stroke. It exudes comfort and I am grateful to have inherited it.

Now, onto the prized possession of that plain light colored desk I use to compose my stories. That my dear friends cost me $85.00. Why would you pay $85.00 for a desk that you could probably buy for $30.00-$50.00? Simple, I was swindled by a salesman at a second hand shop. I have absolutely no clue as to what thinking at the time. I wager I was just too excited to have something to write on, apparently no matter the cost.

The last item, but not the least, is the futon. “Anyone make that mistake?” As Jim Gaffigan jokes, “There is never enough fu in the ta. It’s like sleepin’ on a grill.” This beauty was purchased eleven years ago and has served as a couch and bed in my dormitory at collage, the first couch my wife and I ever had, and is the current bed for my in-laws or sister-in-law to sleep when they visit.

All things travel.

All things have a history.

And, therefore everything has a story to tell.

Keep Writing,



Your Favorite Place To Write

My family and I are moving in the next week and a half. The excitement of moving into the new house is mounting as well as the thrill of having an official place for my writer self to call his own. Previously, we have lived in apartments and have not had the space for a desk. We’ve kept the bookshelves, but I have lost that creative space that I believe is tremendously important to any writer.

Recently, I have been scouring various websites for an inexpensive corner desk, albeit a small Scandinavian one. Which brings me to the reason for writing this blog: The importance of a writer’s space.

Some writers need certain music. Some writers need to visit the same coffee shop at the same day each week which I usually do with my friend Josh. Some writers need to dress the part and some simply need their desk. I am one of these.

What do you need to write? Is is coffee? Is it music Or is it a quick kickboxing round while listening to the Eye of the Tiger before getting down some words? This may be a silly question. However, if you are having trouble writing, my guess is that something has disrupted your routine.