Day 5 of 500 Words – When You Begin to Like Your Story

I don’t have a lot of time to report but I did want to write an update today.

Last night, I broke the barrier all writers desire to break when writing their novel. I began to like my story.

I know that sounds silly but writing is work. Some people have a job they love and some people have a job they hate. Writing can be both and one or the other at different intervals of the writing process especially at the beginning or end of a particular work.

Any sliver of time with any contraption I have, including this beast.

I believe I am beyond the point of searching for my writing stride and have found that precious writer’s groove we all hope to discover when penning our novels. The one that makes us hungry and eager, looking for any sliver of time to jot down a few words.

I hope with this new found joy in my story, I can plow through my first draft in the next few months. Perhaps this is a bit ambitious with buying a house and moving my family in the next month or so, but I think its better to have an aggressive date of completion, than none at all.

Until tomorrow, keep writing.



3 thoughts on “Day 5 of 500 Words – When You Begin to Like Your Story

  1. If anyone is capable of throwing down massive amounts of words and forcing them to make a story, it’s Bob Evenhouse. I’m glad to hear that you’ve rounded the corner of liking your story. A milestone, to be sure.

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