Day 4 of 500 Words – Writing Exercise

As many of you know, I love hockey. Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings for winning last night. Three more to go to take the quarterfinal series. Keep it up boys!

Yesterday, after the game I sat down at the computer. It had been a very long week. Travel for work, Clara was teething, and the last three days of the week I sputtered along on four to five hours of broken sleep a night.

Needless to say it was hard to sit down at the computer and get my 500 words. My body had no intention of following through and after arguing with myself and a little encouragement from my wife, I was able to complete the 500 words a little after midnight.

I played hockey for most of my life and there were some games that I scored goals and played fairly well. There

Me pretending to be an ice hockey player

were also other games where nothing went right. Most of the time it went well because I practiced and thought about strategies against the other team. It went poorly for the exact opposite reasons. I was working and could not practice, I did not take the time to think about match ups and the opposing goaltender.

This time, writing was just an exercise. I did not have a breakthrough. I do not have piles of pages to report. I did however continue the practice of writing, which will help if I have a plan the next time I sit down at the page.

Until tomorrow, keep writing.



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