Top Five Podcasts For The Writer And Entrepreneur

As a writer, I’m drained daily and I’m always on the look out for a fresh angle and new content to inspire me. Lately, this inspiration has come from podcasts.

Writing time is precious and I find I either have time to read or time to write each day, never both. This means I have to expose myself to new ideas in the cracks of life.

I listen to podcasts as I mow the lawn, drive to work, and quickly eat my lunch at work. It’s a time to be presented with new ideas so I don’t stagnate and keep rising.

Here are the top five podcasts I enjoy. They are mostly nonfiction and focused on writing as a sustainable business but also on the creative process. This can be a strange balance as an artist.

One – The Accidental Creative Podcast. This is about creativity, innovation, and doing brilliant work per the description. It’s updated about once a week.

Two – This Is Your Life With Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt is the former president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. If you are looking to become a professional blogger you need to follow this guy. Updated about once or twice a week.

Three – The Portfolio Life With Jeff Goins. This is similar to Michael Hyatt’s and is non-fiction. I live in fictional worlds (of my books) and hearing how Jeff went from blogger to professional is inspiriting. Updated about once a week.

Four – Simple Life Habits with Jonathan Milligan. Jonathan is the founder if Blogging Your Passion. I’ve interacted with him on Twitter and he’s a super nice guy. He’s in the Jeff Goins breed where he went from a day job to professional writer/speaker through blogging.

Five – 10x Talk With Joe Polish And Dan Sullivan. I listen to this because it is challenging. It’s business related and that “b” word can be dirty for writers.

But for me, if I ever launch an e-book  or traditionally publish I want to have ideas for getting my work into the marketplace. I think that is the biggest difficulty we writers face upon publication. This is a podcast about growing your business 10xs from savvy entrepreneurs. Updated once a weekish.

If you listen to them, share what you think. If you enjoy a podcast that is not on the list, please post it in the comments section below.

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Creative, What Do You Struggle With Most?

The creative life demands a lot. Whether you are a writer, artist, new business owner, or entrepreneur, we all have kryptonite of one kind or another.

Maybe it’s spreadsheets. Or organization. Maybe it’s being alone in your own world for far too long where you start to change the way that you think, and not for the better.

I think it’s important to know what we struggle with the most.


I had a conversation with my boss a few months ago and I asked her to name one thing that I need to improve on. She brought up the fact that I excel in a lot of areas but I sometimes struggle with details. As much as it hurt, this is entirely true.

I got back to my desk and thought about it. I could see it in my work files and even the pictures hanging on my cubicle wall. I started to think about my home organization and my lawn. I noticed a lack of polish in places I didn’t expect.

After a brief stint where I licked my wounded pride, I realized I had an opportunity and decided to use it as fuel.

This struggle may never end. But at least I am aware of it and I can try a few different methods to help improve.

Some may think they are not a detail oriented person but I don’t buy categories. It seems too much like a safe place to live or an excuse to not grow.

I can be impatient and I need to work on that. I’m not detail oriented and I need to work on that too.

What do you struggle with the most? How do you feel about it?