To My Wife On Her Birthday

My Wife and I took our first date on a golden fall day, right around this time, thirteen years ago. I love fall. The harvest time with cider, fairs, hayrides, pumpkins, the change of the leaves and crisp mornings with ground covered in dew.

To me it makes perfect sense that I fell in love with my wife, and do each year, in Autumn.

Hold my hand

When we got married, over ten years ago, my love affair with writing had yet to begin. But, six months into our marriage, I was taken with words. All these years later I am doing what I am doing because of her and I’ll tell you why.

I used to give up easily. I used to search for something I lost in the house with little effort. If something was hard I would give up or just try later. She would tell me often, in her kind and gentle way, to not give up. I still have yet to give up on this adventure.

I know you’ll read this today Cindy. You are my biggest supporter and my most encouraging friend.

In writing and in every aspect of my life you are steady and I admire that strength everyday. I see it with your unending patience with our three kids (and with me all the while being eight months pregnant!). You inspire me to be better and want to grow and serve this family well.

Thank you for listening to my late night rants about words, books, and conferences. Thank you being understanding even when I am a little (or a lot) crazy. But most of all thank you for believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

I love you.

Happy birthday.

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