My Writing Update

Today, I’m excited about my update. I’ve begun a challenge of 7000 words in 7 days. Writer Maria Berg has also decided to join me. Day one was a day of victory. I wrote 1079 words on my novel.

The 7000 words in 7 days challenge is to help reignite our love of our stories. If you plan on doing it, please mention it on the post yesterday.

Also, please don’t edit, just write. The good stuff will come. I understand the compulsive desire to edit but you have to learn to finish things. Then you can mold and shape your story through editing.

Once this week is done it’s back to preparing for my talk at the Breathe Writers Conference October 9-10th.

Click on the hyperlinks below to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Photo Credit: tudedude via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: tudedude via Compfight cc

On Monday I wrote about why art needs community. My writers group put on the Jot Conference, a free one night writers conference in Three Rivers, Michigan. It was a night of encouragement and connections.

On Tuesday it was all about the roads we take. Many times we want things to happen overnight or just be plain old easy. In this post I write about why the hard road is sometimes the best road to take.

Wednesday I asked a question to fellow novelists – How committed are you to your work? Some authors stay up through half the night and some get up horrifically early. But there are some incredibly dedicated writers.

Thursday I wrote about the struggles I have with details. We all struggle with something. Do you use your struggle as a crutch or are you creative enough to figure out a way to move forward despite it?

Friday was about restarting. We all arrive at the messy middle or lose momentum on our stories I wrote about my plan to move forward with mine.

Saturday I wrote about the challenge mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, 7000 words in 7 days. If you gave that effort once a week for a year you’d have 84,000 words. Think about that.

Let me know how you are furthering your writing career below.

4 thoughts on “My Writing Update

  1. Marc

    Just attended a few panels about writing at Rose City Comic Con this weekend. Really inspired me to reignite my passion for writing. Best things I think I learned were;

    1. Allow yourself to have a crappy first draft.
    2. Don’t get in the mindset of one (book) and done; writing is a job, treat it like one.

    Someday, I hope to have that job…

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