Jot Writers’ Conference Is Tonight At Six

The Jot Writers’ Conference is this evening. If you have not heard of it, this must be your first stop at my blog. HERE is more information. It’s a free, one night writers conference in Michigan. This installment will be at Lowry’s Books and More in Three Rivers, MI.

This is our sixth conference. Agents, editors, and publishing professionals have donated their time at Jot. I may be biased as one of the creators, but it’s always an encouraging time.

I believe encouragement and willpower are the only ingredients a writer needs to be successful. You can learn technique but getting yourself in the chair on a consistent basis and believing in your work are two things that are nearly impossible to achieve.

If you are coming, we’re thrilled to have you. I hope you introduce yourself and share your work in this safe environment. Writers tend to be introverted by nature, but tonight I ask you to be bold.

Registration starts at 5:15. See you there.

If not, write well today. Commit to your craft.



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