Why – You Never Know If You Don’t Try – Is Still True

When I relaunched my blog, I knew I’d eventually hit a wall. Every writer who produces consistent works does. The other day I thought about moving my blog to three days a week instead of every day.

The reason? I was not sure about the post that was about to go live.

If I’m honest I thought it was merely okay. It was fantastic when I wrote it but in the light of the early morning it felt strained. Now, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

Then it went live.

I’m thrilled to say I had the most follows I’ve had in several months. I had the most views of the day that week and I had some great comments.

The message of this post is simple. The old adage – you never know if you don’t try -is still true.

Photo Credit: Adrian Fagg via Compfight cc

It also shows that you never know what can happen if you put in the effort. But it does increase the odds about 100%.

In the words of Seth Godin, Ship it! You’ll either have something to learn and grow from or you’ll succeed.

An editor or agent may love your story.

A novel may ready to be converted into an e-book and posted on Amazon or Smashwords.

So try. Give an effort worthy the task.

Have you been surprised by success before? Tell me your story below.

4 thoughts on “Why – You Never Know If You Don’t Try – Is Still True

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