My Favorite Writing Tool

I am the king of Post-it notes. They are on my wallet, my cell phone, and there is one on my computer now. Somehow, I always find myself with a billion ideas and no way to collect them all.

Sure, I could put them in a note book and squint at them later or store them in a word file or Google document that I’ll never open, but I wanted to SEE them. I wanted to be able to lay them down side by side and also track my writing progress.

Thus enter my favorite writing tool – my white board.white-board-1206708-m

My wife was at the office supply store and discovered they were wicked cheap and on sale. I’d love a nice frosted glass, trendy one, but I’d also like to not change my one year olds’ diapers. I have to understand what is necessary and what is me just wanting a cool new toy.

The reality is that having that writing software/tool is not going to make me better. Working hard consistently is. And now I have a place to keep track of my progress and flesh out ideas thanks to my wonderful bride.

I’ve hung the white board next to my bed so I can review tasks every day before I go to sleep and remind myself of upcoming goals and deadlines. I can also gaze at it as I doze off and make a mental note to get up early and get to work.

What is your favorite writing tool? How do you stay organized and on top of your tasks?



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Writing Tool

  1. Post-its were my life blood in college, but after I got a journal for an internship program a few years back, I have gotten more and more used to it. I have a difficult time going anywhere without it now. I was also just shown a video about Bullet Journaling, which makes keeping my notebook organized and accessible without compromising the creative element.

    (Link if you want it: )

    My goal today is: Finish chapter 10. It has been evading capture for weeks. You are correct though, no amount of tech or ingenuity is going to make up for lack of commitment and dedication.

    Keep up the hard work!

    1. Nathan, nice link. Thanks for sharing that. I have a journal as well. Its a moleskine. That and my silver parker pen keep me going when I cannot get to my computer.

      Elbow out some time and hammer out the chapter! You got this.

      Not sure if you are planning on it but Jot is on March 13. Love to see you there.

      Keep writing!

      On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Part-Time Novel wrote:


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