Novelist, Do You Use Visuals?

I am huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I love his wild genius and untamed spirit combined with the relentlessness he uses to solve a case. Now, I understand this is fiction, but those abilities are quite attractive to the would-be novelist.

Though I don’t have these super powers, I can incorporate some of his tricks to my writing life, and so can you.

One such practice that has assisted my progress lately is having a white board where my I can take in my tasks, ideas, and notes at a glance. I can keep track of my tasks of the week and erase them when I am done, which is tremendously rewarding and gives me a hunger to attack another. I am able to pause after a furious fit of writing to check on the direction of my current chapter to make sure it is on target.

This does not have to be an expensive endeavor, my wife surprised me with the cardboardesque wipe boards (because she is awesome) and some dry erase markers (more awesomeness) for about $10.00. Not bad.

So writer, do you use visuals? If so, please share below!



2 thoughts on “Novelist, Do You Use Visuals?

  1. I love Sherlock Holmes! Have you seen the BBC modern adaptation? I highly recommend it if you have not.
    I carry a notebook with me everywhere with color-coded notes. I have it beside me whenever I sit down to write. Not nearly as cool as a whiteboard or a web of pictures and string, but it works and the visual really gets my mind working.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your writing life!

    1. Lex, yes I’ve watched them and love them. So many adaptations of Sherlock to keep track of! I forgot to actually post a picture of my desk on this post, showing my notes and whiteboard, future post for sure. Thanks for the comment!

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