5 Ways to Refill Your Creative Well

Last year, I trained for a 5K. When I started to run a few months beforehand I realized, yikes, I’m way out of shape! But after huffing out a mile run for a few weeks I was able to stretch it to three miles. The race was a fun experience and I look forward to doing it again this year.

Fostering a creative mindset is just like this. It can become a habit, but you don’t put canvas on an easel and paint a masterpiece rivaling the classics, and you don’t sit down and write a book it comes in words, sentences, and pages. It takes time and momentum. Here are a few practical ways to fill your creative well so when you are ready to take on a creative pursuit you don’t begin empty.

These are five ways that help me foster creativity. Because of how busy my life is, a lot of these surround the idea of peace. I’d love to hear how you recharge in the comments section below.

  1. Go on a walk. This can be during your lunch break, when your spouse gets home from work if you stay at home, any time. We all need time to think and being out in creation, even on a dark snowy Michigan winter night, can fill your creative well.
  2. Time alone to think. This may seem odd but I’ve felt rich and full at 6am when all is dark and quiet and I have a cup of coffee in my hand just looking out into our yard for ten minutes.
  3. Organize an area of chaos in your home. This may seem counterproductive because it would steal time away from the creative pursuit, but it is all about momentum. The satisfaction of finishing a project will result in a clearer and more focused mind.
  4. Go into the city or country. Here in Grand Rapids, 10 minutes will bring you to the downtown of a bustling city, 10 more minutes will put you out into the country. I love the feel of a small big city. If you live in the city, venture to a park. If you live in the country, head downtown. Pulling yourself out of your normal way of life will help open up your mind.
  5. Share a meal with friends. I love sitting around a table and sharing a meal. There is something beautiful about this that unites people. No matter if it’s Mountain Dew and pizza or a gourmet meal, everyone enjoys some free food and conversation with those they love.

Whatever you do this weekend take time to be you, creative. Find a small sliver of peace and drink deeply. Then, use that peace to produce something.



5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Refill Your Creative Well

  1. Thank you for this! My well has been running a bit dry lately and its nice to remember that some time you must take out your six shooters and make the muses dance. Sometimes I blame my laziness on a lack of creativity, but this was a nice reminder of things I can do to break out of that funk.

    1. Thanks Lex. I hope you can find the time to get back to being creative. If it is important to you, jump into the boxing ring and challenge your muse to a round or two. Good luck!

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