Delete Your Darlings

Be careful my friend.

This past Saturday night I sat down to check another chapter revision off my list. I even had my good friend Ben studying next to me for accountability. All told this would be a great night of writing. The stars were aligned. It was then I was struck with a grand plan. I was going to insert a new chapter. I could not believe I did not think of the idea sooner.

After struggling for an hour and a half and moving on to try and rewrite another chapter, I deleted everything I just created. That rabbit trail ended with — a dead rabbit.

Now, this could be considered time wasted. Would I like to have that hour and a half back to work on my simple plan of editing a chapter? Sure.

I do not believe this writing time was wasted. I just found two ways not to write my book. Writing is a maze. Some days the work is easy, other days let’s just say you end that writing time looking forward to making it up to your novel later.

Keep Writing. Be honest about your work. If you think a portion of your book doesn’t fit quite right, don’t just let it be. Sharpen your sword, grab a dozen red pens, and have at it. Blaze a new trail and don’t give up fighting (editing) your way through your book.

Writer 500 words today!



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