Writer, Mind Your Goals

I have goal to be a published author. But I have trouble keeping on task. Why? Because of the expectations of today’s authors.

Let’s see.

– You need to have a social media presence by writing a blog, utilizing Twitter, Facebook and the like.
– It’s also helpful to be in a writers group and attend conferences.
– Also make sure you are a part of a Goodreads book club and post reviews.
– In the meantime write short stories and articles, comment and like blogs and follow websites.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Then after all of this is done, use the last thirty seconds of your writing time to squeeze out a sentence or so of your work in progress.

This sounds a bit embellished but that is what writers do, they exaggerate, right? I wish I was.

So, through all of these perceived expectations, how do novels ever get written?

Keep Going, Friend
Keep Going, Friend

One way. By constantly reminding ourselves of our goals.

On Monday I posted tips for reviving your blog. Most of these tips discussed time and how to use it. Writing time is not unlimited and cannot be cheapened. You are creating art and good art at that.

As you struggle on your path to authorship, be sure to place guideposts along the way. You could spend a year or more working on something that does not fit into your plans. Or you could get distracted and forget where you are going.

Make yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. Be sure to carve out enough time to make them possible. This will help you remember where you are going.



4 thoughts on “Writer, Mind Your Goals

    1. Sounds like you have your priorities in order Jessie. I think it comes in seasons. One is writing. Another is promoting. But you probably have to do a little of both in between. You would know more about that than I would though!

  1. Wow, that post resonates with me! After all the social media aspects there isn’t much time left to do anything else. I find I have to make blocks of creative writing time to get anything done, although so far this yr I’ve only managed it twice!

    1. It is really hard for me to find balance too. I had been working on this blog up until the end of last year pretty religiously. Then I took sometime off. I realized I can social media it up all I want but I have to remember what it is : a platform. If I get up to the podium it would probably be good to have that speech (novel, article whatever) done first :). Otherwise, what’s the point if that’s not my goal.

      Keep going Sophie. You’ll find that balance.

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