100 Word Challenge From Julia’s Place – A World Without Music


Here’s this week’s post from Julia’s place. The words “the notes from the piano,” need to be included in a 100 word story. Enjoy.



“Look at this, Jones,” said Captain Micks.

“Huh. Can’t believe it survived.”Destruction_in_a_Berlin_street

“I know. You’d think when this whole place came down it would have been crushed.” Jones stepped forward and struck a chord, the notes from the piano were crisp and clean. The sound resonated off of the skeletal structures and permeated the vacant rubble strewn avenue.

“Don’t do that again,” Warned the Captain.

“Sorry, I didn’t think it would work.”

“Yeah well, that curiosity could get you killed.”

“You think we’ll hear music like that again?”

Captain Micks sighed.

“Not sure. Maybe someday.”






10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge From Julia’s Place – A World Without Music

  1. I really like the unexpected setting you use for this story, and the tension the two characters are dealing with. Could be any place, any war – what matters is that in their world, beauty is danger.

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