My New Writing Space

Every once in a while I like to pretend that I’m handy. I can limp along on some construction projects but, for the most part, I don’t have the patience for them. (I know. I see the hypocrisy. Unable to build a table because of a lack of patience, but willing to work on the same book for 8 years)

This was until I received a gift from my parents for Christmas, (kudos to my wife for the assist). It was money toward transforming my bleak writing hole into a useful and inspiring writing space.

This space is essential. It has to be a retreat, though located about 100 feet from my bed and the chaos of a living room dominated by my lovely children. Thus, I have the following pictures of my new writing space (I apologize in advance for the poor lighting).

Photo 1 – All that can be seen in the built-in is the desk and one flimsy shelf that I dared not set any of my precious books upon.


Photo 2 – Main shelves in place.


Photo 3 – Side shelf in place.


Photo 4 – Finished for now (paint to come later).


Now my inner writer has a place to call home. Time to get to work.



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