What Would Make You Interested In Attending a Writer’s Conference?

On February 8th 2013 two of my writers friends and I are launching Jot a mini writer’s conference. I have a fifteen minute segment as a speaker to address the attendees. I wasn’t sure what I was going to discuss. I have been writing for a while and have learned many tips along the way.

So, in my search of a topic I decided to talk about things I wish I knew before I started writing. Things like – the longer the novel the more likely it will not be published, don’t waste time on silly things like font or spacing or page format, writing is best done alone but you need other writers for accountability, and so on.

I’m still debating the topic and wanted to reach out to my audience here and ask what they would like to hear about if they attended. Also, if you have attended writing conferences before, why did you attend? What did you learn there and why would you go again?

Please fill out the poll below or suggest one in a comment.

I appreciate your feedback.

Happy writing,



3 thoughts on “What Would Make You Interested In Attending a Writer’s Conference?

  1. I didn’t vote, only because I am interested in all of those topics. The fun thing about conferences is that you get to see different views of ‘everything writing’ through different people.

    I try to attend a conference every year (they are cost-prohibitive), and I sign up for workshops that deal with elements that I am facing at that time. I could be in the middle of editing my novel, so I’ll want to get some fresh info on editing. Or, I might be struggling with character development, so I’d likely take a workshop on that. It all depends on what I’m working on, or anticipating to work on.

  2. I should have thought of that. Thanks for the comment. Each author probably would attend a workshop based on what they are struggling with at the time. I might have to rethink the little bit of talking time I have. Just out of curiosity, is the writers conference you go to a local one or is it a national conference you would recommend other writers attend?

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