Book Proposal Salvo Number 2

This morning was tumultuous, filled with excitement followed by the immediate feeling of regret. Yes, I sent out another book proposal. I am very excited but also had that tightening of the stomach feeling like speeding over a small brief hill in a car.

It’s Away!

I suppose this is how I should feel. If you spent a lot of time on your work (coming up on 8 years now) you should feel this way. After this it’s back to the editing front. I hope to get more chapters done this week. Time will tell.

Sorry for the brief post but I need to get back to work. Thank you to all who encourage and continue to read this blog. I could not have done it without my community. Writing is a solitary process at times. But no writer can get a book published on their own.

Good luck today. Remember your writing goals. Chase after them. Brush that sleep from your eyes and get it done today. Don’t wake up tomorrow with writer’s regret!



6 thoughts on “Book Proposal Salvo Number 2

  1. Oh yes, that’s one thing that gets me out of bed at 4am — writer’s regret. Sleep might feel better in that moment, but the few times I have slept in instead of getting up to write, I am down on myself all day long for not working as hard as I should.

    Good luck with the proposal, Bob.

    1. Thanks. I actually heard back and they are going to give it a read. So that’s exciting. We’ll see. It’s only my second submission and so my hops aren’t too high. Not that I am not confident in my work, it’s just that would be way too easy. And writing to this point has been anything but!

  2. Julie Catherine

    Yay, congratulations on sending out a proposal – and awesome that you’ve already heard back that they’re going to read it. I think that’s very exciting, indeed! Best of luck! 🙂

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