The Lives of Characters

The last few weeks writing has been replaced with meticulous editing. I will send chapters off to friends shortly and that goal is a marker that helps me stay focused. However, there are many instances that I run out of steam and I find it hard to come back to the chapter again. After nine revisions of one single chapter, the thrill of finishing is long gone. It is replaced with a long laborious haul. Writing is hard work.

When I started writing my novel I knew that it was the beginning of a series. During the planning process I wrote out the lives of each character. Some would die, some would mature. Some would fall in love, and others would search for loved ones and give up hope. These are the things I am excited to share with my readers and why I decided to write in the first place.

At this point of the editing process it is not the thought of completing the book that drives me.  Rather my character’s dreams and hopes that pull me onward and cannot be silenced. They push themselves to the forefront of my mind and interrupt my day. I think of them while driving or walking of spending time with my family. They are in the driver’s seat begging me to continue, for they want to live.

I write this post because many writers have said at some point characters begin to write themselves as if alive. I thought it hogwash and some silly artist nirvana. Now I understand. Custo, Hailea, Sapien, Maero, Comitis, Nimrodur, Elidur, Lenis, Camilla, and the rest of you. I will finish. Be patient with me.



8 thoughts on “The Lives of Characters

  1. I am hoping to submit the final edit of my manuscript tomorrow, and I cannot tell you how sick to death of it I am. At this point I’ve read it about ten times in a year and a half, and it’s just not the kind of book that ANYONE would read that many times.

    We cling to the hope that editing will not kill us. 🙂

  2. Editing has its good and bad points, doesn’t it. And yes, my characters tend to take over my ideas and run away with the plot. This is where editing really becomes tedious because the story is nothing like I first envisioned it. I think that I have tried every method known to man when it comes to figuring out how to best edit a story.

    1. I agree about the story being nothing like I first envisioned it. I still have the first idea written down. My story is nothing like that now. But I am happt to say I think it is better.

  3. Andrew Rogers

    Slog through it, Bob. You can do it! When this phase is done you’ll be able to move on to new content. Just keep writing. It will come.

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