What Is Your Writing Quirk?

When I played soccer in high school I had a coach who often reminded us of the definition of insanity. “Boys!” he’d bark, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results!” I remember being really confused at first, then after awhile it clicked. If things aren’t going well in the game, trying harder might not be the answer. Instead we need to try something different.

As writers we are constantly refining the process of our craft. We try artist exercises or going for a walk. We attend classes and seminars, write upside down, whatever. If you asked every writer you knew they would probably all give different answers as to what helped them get to where they are.

For me, it’s pacing and muttering – Daniel Day-Lewis style (I know). I take on the persona of a character to see things from their perspective. If someone saw me and did not know what I was up to, I am fairly certain they would call some van to take me away.

How about you?

Do you have a writing quirk or habit that propels your craft?



4 thoughts on “What Is Your Writing Quirk?

  1. Oh, yes! The first floor of my house is designed so that I can walk one big loop from kitchen to dining room to living room, back to kitchen. I walk in that circle, talking to myself about my novel, usually a problem I need to solve in my novel. My dog thinks I’m talking to her, and she follows me. Around and around and around.

    1. Does your dog get dizzy? Just kidding. That sounds like an excellent setup. I write in the basement. It’s nice because I can be myself and not worry about waking the kids. My cat Bandit follows me around. He’s a blanket, a follower, and complainer. I swear he can read and can tell when I am doing poorly because he stretch look at me like I’m hopeless and leave.

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