If you If you are a writer in the Western Michigan area and are interested in attending an excellent writer’s conference, please check out this reblog of the Breath Writer’s conference from Josh Mosey’s Blog. The theme is What’s your Story. The main speaker is W. Terry Whalin. He’s been a literary agent, published more than 60 books , and now an acquisitions editor.

Josh Mosey

I know that I’ve written about the Breathe Conference before, but since it is happening this week, I wanted to toss another plug for it onto my blog.

The Breathe Conference is a writer’s conference unlike other writers’ conferences. That is to say, while it still has sessions with amazing speakers that talk about the many aspects of the writing life, it is a conference where writers feel welcomed, supported, and worthwhile. I’ve been to some conferences where you walk away from a session feeling lost and intimidated. The Breathe Conference isn’t that. Attendees come away encouraged and with the tools they need to make their writing dreams published realities.

The main speaker for this year’s Breathe Conference is Terry Whalin. When I heard that, I said, “Who is Terry Whalin?” A common response, I think. But when I read the biography from his website (posted below), I feel…

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