Where To Submit Your Short Stories

There are many ways to get a writing career off the ground. Some authors start by landing that big lucrative book contract. But let’s face it, that happens to .000000000000001% of authors. Most writers still have day jobs and squeeze in writing each day. If you are a part timer, it is good to ensure you have an excellent routine.

I have decided to dedicate some of my writing time to short stories. I was inspired by a Youtube clip about Ray Bradbury. When he started writing (and maybe every year since) he wrote a short story a week and sent that in to be published. Nothing happened at first because he needed to refine his skill. For many of authors the only way to do that is to keep writing and trying new things until we get the bad out.

I have found two places to submit short stories and I am going to try to write one every other week. I am close to finishing my first one. I should complete it over the week and begin refining another.

Why short stories? As I write them more and more I realize they make you limit your word count which causes me to remove adverbs, qualifiers, and other unneeded jargon almost automatically. I hope I can transition this to the large world of writing a novel.

Here are two places I plan on using to submit them. An account is free both places and it helps you save time instead of slogging through the internet. You can sort by genre and read about each publication to decide if it is right for you.



Thank to Andrew for introducing me to Heypublisher


4 thoughts on “Where To Submit Your Short Stories

  1. Thank you for this. One of the reasons I like the 100 word challenges that abound on wordpress is that I learn to identify which words are abcolutely necessary to my story and which might be merely window dressing.

  2. I agree that writing short stories is an essential part of a writing life. When slogging through the long revision process of a novel, it gives me a creative jolt to sit down and write something short and complete.
    Great post!

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