Writing Contest – 50 Word Character Description

Dickens Receiving His Characters

On Wednesday I put a post together about compelling stories. The question and the survey asked what makes a good story good? Or better yet, what keeps you reading after the first few pages of a book?

There were some great responses and comments I have yet to get to (sorry) but the results showed that there are many elements that will cause readers to read, but Josh Mosey my good friend listed characters as his main story driver. He even decided to make a contest out of it. You can read the details about the contest and enter here. Entering contests like this might be a simple comment or the creation of a character that will spark a novel!

You can participate in the poll here. I appreciate your feedback.

Happy writing this weekend.



4 thoughts on “Writing Contest – 50 Word Character Description

  1. Julie Catherine

    I like this, too – I’ve said no promises (am in midst of packing, lol) but I’m interested in trying out this challenge ……. thanks, Bob! 🙂

    1. I’m not envious of you Julie! But as you’ve written on your site, it’s a good move so that’s wonderful. I wish I could magically be transported to a time 2 months after moving and everything is in the right place. Also, waving a wand and having the house magically redone would be nice too. If you run into something like that, let me know.

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