Are You A Writer or A Blogger?

Sit down for a moment writer. Pour your tea or coffee if you must, but let’s take some time to reflect.

Survey the last week. Think about the time you spent writing. Whether this has been a productive week for blogging or working on your book, or journaling, it does matter. But I challenge you place that time in three categories: Book, Blog, Personal.

Okay. Now, think about this question: What do you spend the most time on?

I find that a lot of times how we spend our time is who we are. But, in our mind we pretend we are something else. I know I do. If I take this survey of my writing time I see that I spend more time working on my blog and less time working on my novel. Albeit, the fun part of the novel is over. Now it is editing, writing proposal pieces, and gathering names for agencies and agents.

I write this blog post to recommit to my novel. To give it not thought, but time.  After all, what is a writer’s platform if he has nothing to share from it?

Write this weekend my friends.



6 thoughts on “Are You A Writer or A Blogger?

    1. Shireen,
      Anytime! I am doing the same thing. It’s much easier to get the writer’s high blogging – creating new content, then editing the same chapter for the billionth time!

  1. Julie Catherine

    Oh, I am most definitely writer … although I love my blog, and especially the community of friends and fellow bloggers who seem so much a part of my family now. The only thing I consistently drag my heels with is journalling – I love doing research and working on my poems and novels, and yes, even editing (shocking, I know, but I’m a perfectionist) … but man, writing in my journal just seems like … extra homework … lol! Have a great weekend! ~ Julie 🙂

    1. I have become a writer again last week. It feels like I have the ship back in order. What a great feeling. Journaling can be a chore, but I love reading over what I have lived.

      Julie, admire that perfectionist in you! I hate admitting I am not good at something and can be incredibly competitive when I am not. But, I understand that I am not a refiner. I can do it, but it is painstaking. It is something I need to work on and will continue to do so.

      Thanks always for your thoughts and insights. I also appreciate the blogging community here and your comments too!

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