What Famous Writer Do You Write Like?

On many of the blogs I am connected with, there have been posts about, “Who do you write like?” They were interesting reads and I would like to analyze my novel today. I hope you enjoy this post and try it yourself.

The instructions are simple. Merely plug in a portion of your writing and it will tell you who you write like. I figured your writing style changes as you write so I took portions from the beginning, middle, and end of my work. Please visit http://iwl.me/ to try for yourself. It is pretty fun.

Here they are:

Beginning (chapter 1) pg 1 I write like: Gertrude Stein

Middle (chapter 15) pg 197 I write like: Ursula K. Le Guin

End (chapter 30) pg 402 I write like: J. R. R. Tolkien

I guess that is a pretty okay progression.

Why don’t you try it?

Write today.



4 thoughts on “What Famous Writer Do You Write Like?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was quite amusing 🙂

    I did a short section from early in my WIP. It came up as Shakespeare. I did the very beginning (minus the first paragraph, which is horrible) and got Anne Rice. That’s quite a breadth of styles there!

  2. It is amusing indeed. I got memoir, fantasy, fantasy. At least toward the end I am trending toward my genre. I just hope the algorithm doesn’t see how often you refer to swords, steeds, or castles and say, “oh, that’s gotta be Tolkien -Shazam! – Fantasy!”.

    I am curious how they analyze the prose.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Bob, I blogged about this too, and I’m really enjoying what people are coming up with. I had to look up your second writer (fascinating!) – and admit that I’m totally impressed that you came up with Tolkien with your end section; how cool is that?!! 🙂

    Roger Colby (writingishardwork) introduced the writing tool on his blog, and I just had to try it out myself. Just for fun, I tried several sections of the novel I’ve been working on (for EVER), and it came up with Oscar Wilde, Isaac Asimov and Robert Louis Stevenson.

    Definitely a tool that is both useful in analyzing writing styles – and a whole lot of fun in the process! 🙂

  4. Indeed! I saw that on yours, Roger’s, and Josh Mosey’s blogs (probably others too). I figured I should try it. It is very interesting. I thought about trying some of my earlier work versus my novel now and see what happens. It’s a fun tool.

    Do you have an end to your novel in sight? Or a game plan?

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