All About Publishing

Recently, I have explored many topics regarding publishing on my blog. I am an amateur next to my friends Josh and Andrew. I’d like to share a few helpful posts they wrote below as well as they are professionals at this and live breathe the selling and marketing of books. I hope this information is useful in your pursuit of your publishing dreams.

Everything you ever wanted to know about publishing. This is a series of blogs by Andrew Rogers who works for Zondervan a local publisher and division of HarperCollins. See the topics below.

All of these are very interesting reads by an accredited source who works regularly with authors. 

Josh is the marketing manager for a local bookstore that has become a local and national treasure (no pun intended and Nicholas Cage does not make appearances there). If you are a self published author or one championed by a publishing house, please read the link below. It talks about how important it is to know your local independent bookstore staff for promotion, knowing your market, and building your platform and how this valued team can assist. They may appear as mere bookstore staff, but they are more than that. They marketing machines who recommend and consume books all the time.

I hope you have enjoyed these links. See some of my previous posts for more information about:

If you have written about these topics and want to link a blog post or two about your tips for publishing, please link your information below in the comments section below.

Keep writing my friends.





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