I did a guest post today on Roger Colby’s Blog Writingishardwork.wordpress.com. Check it out.
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Writing Is Hard Work

The following post comes to us from Bob Evenhouse over at Part-Time Novel.  He gives us several great websites for writers that can’t be missed!  Enjoy!

As a writer, I’ve discovered that there are a thousand different tools at my fingertips. Most these tools boast the ability to take a writing vagabond like myself and transform them into a pristine publishing and money-making machine. Now, if you are like me, you might not have the piles of cash to pour into a hundred applications or software let alone enough time to utilize all of them. So this post is for those writers who are strapped for cash but, still harbor an insatiable desire to publish a novel one day.

One of my favorite sites is Duotrope.com. This is a writer’s wonderland. If you are a budding author sitting on several short stories, I recommend you visit this site…

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