New Years Writing Resolution Progress Report

Whether stated aloud or left unsaid inside our heads, resolutions abound at the turning of the New Year. It is June and I would like to take this post and reflect on my New Year’s resolutions thus far. Why don’t you do the same? If they pertain to writing, it matters not. What matters is that if you’ve falter or life has derailed you, you have nearly six months to right the ship!


Goal #1 – Finish my original story – The Tale of Calelleth. How? – I have been finishing a chapter a week. I have two more to write. I see this as a totally doable goal.

This I completed in February. The submission process should happen this month.

Goal #2 – Write 1 blog a week for 2012. How? – My daughter is now going to bed around 9:30 instead of 2:00am. Hopefully, this will allow one night a week for a quick update or thought about the part time writing process.

A blog a week means 52 posts. I started writing a blog a day in April, thus, I have passed this and will certainly destroy this goal this year unless an unforeseen derailment. That’s 2 for 2!

Goal #3 – Write the first draft of a kids’ book, by mid early spring/mid-summer. How? Again, I hope to have more time in the evening and get a couple of mornings per week schedule going. Also this book is much shorter than my original work. As a side note, I have to remember to stay healthy, for I have been told I sometimes burn the candle at both ends, and have two lighters in the middle. Also, I am a much better writer. Things come out much easier and more coherent (or so they seem!) than when I first started.

I have written about 10000 words this year. It took a while to get back on the novel horse, but I have a good outline and good direction. I was a bit ambitious with this “finish it in spring business, but I should have a decent chunk done in the fall.

Goal #4 – Submit both stories to an agent/agencies. How? I have a few examples for proposals, some ideas on where I can get the information, and where I should send them. It is strange really, thinking this is an actual possibility. I cannot believe it even as I write this.

I will certainly submit The Tale of Calelleth to an agent or hundred, but the kid’s story is a first draft. It will take a while until that is submission ready. I need to know what I have first, and I need to have the first draft completed in order to do that.

Lastly, I wrote this to my readers in January, perhaps you will find motivation through it today. Get going writers, time is of the essence!

The one parting comment I would like to send out to my readers is this: If you ever dream of writing, if you ever wanted to find an excuse to begin down this thrilling path of writing a novel, starting a blog, or working on short stories, now is that time. It is a new year. Stop dreaming about it and do it.



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